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Interview: Pat Cocklin Brampton CWHL Assistant Coach


We were able to ask some questions of Pat Cocklin after his recent hiring as Assistant Coach with the Brampton Hockey Club of the CWHL. See below:

Outlook: You have been coaching since 1991, walk us through your past experiences in coaching. 

Pat Cocklin: I have coached all levels of Minor Hockey with Most of my years coaching players in their OHL draft year. Spent the next ten years coaching Junior A hockey with the the players trying to get scholarships. Have worked several years with the Under 17 program evaluation camps.

Outlook: You were a Head Coach in the CWHL from the inception of the league in 2007 until 2010. From your perspective, how has the league changed in terms of the on ice product? 

Pat Cocklin: The league has gotten much stronger, much more talented. The players are more driven to win.

Outlook: Brampton had a very successful 2012 CWHL Draft by all accounts. Which players from the later rounds do you feel will surprise and become impact players in the CWHL? 

Pat Cocklin: I dont think we have a sleeper pick I think our expectations of each player are very close to what we are going to get.

Outlook: What prior experience with General Manager Jody Katz and Head Coach Rick Traugott do you have? 

Pat Cocklin: Really dont have any coaching experience with either of them but i made some inquiries and the responses were they were both very proffesional and run great programs. I am excited to add my knowledge and experience to help win the Clarkson Cup

Outlook: Which current Brampton players are you most excited to be able to coach? 

Pat Cocklin: I am not sure one really stands out more than others. I am excited to coach in this organization. They have alot of great players that have passion to win.

Outlook: How would you assess the other teams in the CWHL in terms of their ability to challenge for the Clarkson Cup this coming season? 

Pat Cocklin: Any team can win the Clarkson Cup, that is what the CWHL has being trying to achieve. The influx of National Team players has again taken each team to a new level.

Thank you to Pat Cocklin and Brampton General Manager Jody Katz for making this interview possible. All the best to Brampton this coming season.


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