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  2. Intense Preseason Prepares Middlebury for Season Ahead

Intense Preseason Prepares Middlebury for Season Ahead


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Hi my name is Kelly Sherman and I am a sophomore at Middlebury College where I am majoring in film. I’m so excited for the approaching start of the season! So far we have been doing various things to train during preseason. The ice went down last week, so we have skated as a team three times so far. It has been so much fun to all get used to skating again together. Getting your skating legs back is never easy but it’s fun to all go through it and struggle together. 

During preseason we lift weights three days a week with our lifting groups of about two or three people. In the afternoons we have a team workout, which varies from day to day. Some days we play bandy, which is similar to floor hockey, and we have a tournament. Those are probably my favorite days. 

Other team workouts include running stadium stairs, running sprints outside, or circuit workouts, which our seniors usually design. All of these workouts are done as a team, and are always fun and energetic. 

Having such an intense preseason is a great way for us to bond while we prepare for the season ahead. Although we have a great time at our captain’s practices on the ice, we are all so excited to go on the ice with our coach and represent our school proudly. 

The season can’t come soon enough, and we are all counting down the days until November 1st, as well as November 15th, when we will be hosting Colby in our first NESCAC game of the season. I have a great feeling about the season ahead! 

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