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  2. Huskies Celebrate Season with Year End Banquet

Huskies Celebrate Season with Year End Banquet


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Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick’s Day and weekend! Always a good time in the city of Boston! The weather couldn’t have been better and the atmosphere was unbelievable! This entry marks the first entry since season has officially been over. The ice got taken out last month, and our off-season lifts began on March 17th

After some time off we started our team training again. We had workouts Monday-Thursday. Monday and Tuesday were lifting days, Wednesday was circuit day, and Thursdays were team competition days. For team competition days the pups were split up into two teams, black against red. The events were either team events or individual events. At the end of the day, whichever team won the most events would gain more points. Competitions lasted for three weeks, and on the final week we played team handball as our final event. Team red ended up coming from behind and taking it all! 

We are still in contact with Marianne, and a few of us were able to see her a couple of days. On a Wednesday night, Kelly Wallace, Hayley Masters, and myself joined the Mahoney family for a nice dinner at their house. It was nice to see everyone again to catch up where we left off. That next Sunday Hayley Scamurra, Hayley Masters, Melissa Haganey, joined Marianne and I for coffee and brunch. I thank those who were able to join us; it means the world to Marianne! 

On Tuesday, April 8th the pups came together for the last time at our team Banquet. This year it was able to held at our very own Chelsiea Goll’s family restaurant outside the city. A highlight video followed by an excellent meal started this event off. After dinner, awards were presented and I would like to take this time to congratulate those who received awards. I would also like to congratulate our 2013-14 senior class for completing 4/5 years at Northeastern, and a thank you for making my past three years an experience. It’s going to be different next year, but I cannot wait to see where your futures take you all!

The remaining team members underwent end of the year fitness testing the following week. Some tests included vertical jump, sprints, squats, bike, and pull-ups. Everyone did a great job, and I can’t wait to be joined by new crew members and start back up again in the Fall! 

Monday, April 14th marks the last week of classes. Finals begin on Thursday and will go until April 25th. It is unbelievable that another semester and year has been completed. Those who finish finals are free for summer vacation! Last night, April 15th, consisted of our Northeastern Athletic banquet, with every student-athlete from all teams. Food was served and then everyone flooded into our auditorium, where awards were announced. Every year seniors are presented with awards and recognized for being a husky the last four years. It was an awesome event run by the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and I am extremely happy with the outcome. Once again, congratulations to everyone who received an award, and best of luck to all seniors in their futures!

This was a nice study break for me, but now it’s time to get back to the books! Wishing everyone luck in his or her finals, and I will talk to y’all again in the summer!

Happy Spring and enjoy the nice weather! 


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