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How To Get Into Hockey As An Adult


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Some of us were bitten by the hockey bug later in life and not as a child. You may think that there are zero opportunities to get into the sport if you are interested. Here is what you need to do to get started.

1. Look up your nearest sporting good store that sells hockey equipment. You can use the lower end equipment. You are looking to get started, not play like an elite player. At the minimum you need to buy your skates new because the skates will mold to your feet over time. You need the right fit. Secondly for obvious reasons, get your pevlvic protector new. They have them with velcrow attached down at the legs to hold your hockey socks on.

Your stick can be wooden. They are cheaper and will help you to get the feel of handling, shooting, and passing. Have someone at the pro shop help you with the stick size. Remember, if it is too lo g for you, they can be cut down.

I also recommend buying two practice jerseys, one in a darker color and one in a lighter color. This will be ideal if you have a deal with your rink that you can go strait into a pick up game after your practice session. You will use your light or dark jersey color to decide on which team you will play on if that is the case. You only need one pair of hockey socks because you will only be on the ice once a week. Socks can be solid or have stripes on them like the teams do. There is no restriction that way.

I do have a word of caution, do not buy too much of your equipment in pink because you will be made fun of.

2.The easiest way to find your nearest rink is through google. A listing should pop up for those in your area. Look to see if that rink has a website because they will most likely have offerings for what goes on for programs at are offered. You want to look for anything that says adult instructional, basic, or use of similar words. You also want to look for anything that is offered at the D level because this is the most basic level of hockey.

Last, just call your local rink. Someone will be able to tell you if there is something for adult novices. Be warned, there are very few all women’s hockey introduction classes. You will be with the guys.


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