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How I ended up playing in Langenthal, Switzerland

How did I end up playing in Langenthal, Switzerland?  I remember sitting in the Library at UMD (supposed to be studying) when I started thinking, “I don’t want this to be my last year playing hockey away from home.” I have always wanted to travel and see other parts of the world so I decided to push my books aside and start doing some research on hockey teams in Europe. At the time, I was on facebook and noticed Krista McArthur was online, a girl I had played with my freshman year. I told her that I was interested in playing overseas and she gave me the name and contact for Martine Garland, a friend of hers who was playing over there in Switzerland. That day I must have sent out 15 or so emails to any team that had a “contact us” link, as well as one to Marty. What a life-saver she was!  She helped me out A LOT! Thanks Marty! It’s nice to know people who know people.  Networking helped a lot in the process.

By mid summer I had received an email back from DHC Langenthal offering me a contract and position with the team.  I was pretty excited because I now had a plan. It was a little scary for a while because in the hockey world you always knew what was next (with some exceptions) but this was my senior year at UMD and I wasn’t sure what the future held. I told my parents and they were excited as well. This made me happy and therefore, made them happy!

I only played half a season in 2009-2010 with DHC and it wasn’t enough. I loved the hockey, although at times, I missed home and school. I also fell in love with seeing different parts of the world. And what an opportunity this is for traveling, seeing the world, all while playing a sport I love.  Seems too good to be true. I hope to venture out a little more this time around and I’ll keep you posted!

I always knew it was difficult for the foreigners who came from Europe to play in the USA, but after living as a foreigner, I now have an even greater appreciation for what they do and how great they really were as teammates at UMD! It’s hard going to the grocery store and facing a language barrier there, let alone doing school in a different language. Wow, impressive!

I’m leaving in less than a month!  It seems the summer went by so fast and just when I feel settled here, I’m packing my bags again.  Something I’m getting used to! I will miss my friends and family and dog ( haha ) but they all support what I do and I feel very thankful to have such great people around me. I have met some really great people in Europe as well and look forward to meeting even more!

Let the count down begin!



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