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Holy Cross ECAC Open Tournament Champions!

Well my college career as a varsity athlete is officially over.  It’s really hard to believe that four years has passed since I started the stressful college process of applications and talking with scouts.  It still hasn’t fully sunk in yet and I don’t think it will until next September when I would normally be getting ready to come back to Holy Cross. 

But a lot has happened in my final month as a Crusader.  February 20th was our senior day, where we honored our seniors for our last home game against Southern Maine.  That was really a fun day!  The freshmen made each senior a poster, the rink was decorated, the locker room was decorated and our individual lockers were covered with pictures of the last four years.  The school even made plastic purple cups with all six senior’s names on them.  Holy Cross’s band also came to the game to play, that was cool.  It was also pretty special because my parents were able to come out one last time to see me play.  We played a really good game and ended up beating Southern Maine, 7-2.  After the game we had an informal banquet for our team and all our family members.  During the banquet, our coach gave us each a plaque, our jersey and a Holy Cross hockey travel bag.  Our freshmen added another gift on top of all that; they made picture frames out of wood sticks and put our team picture in it.  The whole team signed it and added a motivational hockey quote to the back of the picture.  It was a pretty awesome day, although it was a bit upsetting because that was my last home game!

With that win over Southern Maine, we ended up tying Saint Anselm for third in our league.  However, St. A’s had a better record than us overall, so they got the first place seed for our ECAC Open Tournament, putting us in second.  The following weekend, we travelled up to Burlington, Vermont to participate in the ECAC Open Tournament.  The bus ride actually ended up taking us five and a half hours instead of the usual three and a half  due to bad weather, so we got off to a rough start.  But, it quickly turned around.  We played the third place team, Sacred Heart, on Saturday.  It was a really good game; both teams played very well.  We ended up winning, 5-3, which put us into the final game on Sunday against the winner of St. A’s and St. Mike’s; which St. A’s won, 6-3.  The final game was awesome!  Both teams went back and forth the entire game.  With 19 seconds left St. A’s scored the tying goal, which sent the game into overtime.  Neither team scored in overtime, so we went to a shoot out, which we ended up winning after two rounds.  It was a very exciting game and a great way to end my college career.  Also, my parents stayed down the entire week so they were able to see this tournament as well, so that was awesome to have them there.

As far as school goes, we just got back from spring break.  Most of my friends went somewhere much warmer then New England, but I decided to go back to Saskatchewan (-30°C) because I had a summer student orientation for the company I work with.  They ended up flying me home and since last week was my spring break I got to stay for the week.  So although I’m missing out on a tan, I got a free flight home so that was great!

Now that I am back at school, I’m on the home stretch of my college career, only two more months left!  However, it seems far away because of the amount of work I have to do between now and finals, hopefully I make it!

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