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Holy Cross Cooks Up A Storm Over Break!

This is my first entry for 2011, and there is already plenty to update you on.  We had to be back on campus January 2nd for practices, so basically I had just over two weeks at home to catch up with family and friends over the holidays.  Needless to say, it wasn’t much of a relaxing vacation being home because of all the running around I was doing, however, it was worth it!

But now my team and I have been back at Holy Cross since the 2nd, and with classes not starting until the 25th we have had to entertain ourselves for the past three weeks on an empty campus; the only other people on campus right now are the men’s hockey team and both men and women’s basketball teams.  Surprisingly it has been easy to find things to do.  The first night we were all back we did our Secret Santa gift exchange.  We do this every year, however this was the first year we did it after our Christmas break because before Christmas everyone is so busy with finals, also this gave some of the girls a chance to get a gift from where they were from.  We had $10-15 price range, some gifts were gag gifts and some were very thoughtful, but either way it was a great way to welcome everyone back.   A couple days later about half the team took the train into Boston to shop and go out for supper.  I never went, but they said it was a lot of fun and the restaurant was entertaining!

Last week, Worcester had a huge snow fall.  I’ve never seen a blizzard like this one out here before; I normally see a blizzard of that magnitude back home in Saskatchewan.  It started snowing at about 2am before I went to bed and then continued all day and well into the night.  After it was done, there was about 15.5 inches of snow.  That was the second most snow Worcester has seen in one snowfall in its history.  Before this blizzard took place, there was no snow on campus, but now since there was an abundance of it; it was the perfect time to go sledding!  However, no one had sleds, so we were forced to take some trays from our cafeteria; some girls used garbage bags as well.  The snow on the campus hills were actually way too deep for our homemade sleds, so we had to find a steep road on campus that was already ploughed.  It was a lot of fun and a good way to kill an afternoon!

A couple days after the snow storm, we cooked a team dinner.  A few of us went out and bought pasta, sauce, garlic bread, meatballs, Caesar salad, and some desserts and sodas, then we cooked it in a dorm’s basement using pots and pans from a teammate.  While the entire team was enjoying the meal, we watched the Bruins beat the Flyers, 7-5!

When we aren’t going out for dinners or going sledding we are watching TV, a lot of TV and movies.  A few girls and I have recently got into the show Dexter; we went through two seasons in about one week!  Last weekend the team went to the movies, some saw Country Strong and the others, myself included, went to Black Swan.  We have also been playing a lot of wii.  One of the freshmen brought her wii back from home; she brought the game Just Dance with it, which is a motion simulated dance game.  We’ve been having a lot of dance offs and tournaments.

Being back at school hasn’t been all free time though; we’ve had practices six times a week, at 9 am, since we’ve been back as well as weight lifting twice a week.  On top of practices we’ve already had 4 games.  The second half of our season hasn’t started out the best, we’ve lost 3 out of the 4 games, but we are working hard in practices to turn that around.  This week we are heading up to Vermont to play a game against Middlebury, and then we bus back for two games at home this weekend.  I’m looking forward to these next few days of hockey and relaxation and having the entire campus to ourselves before everyone comes back and school starts again next Tuesday.

– Jocelyn


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