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Hockey, Travel and Work

Since my last blog in September, I have had many great experiences involving hockey, travel, and work.  During the last weekend of September, we officially started our regular season! Our first match was against Lugano, a team that has always experienced great success.  They won the Swiss Women’s Championship last season by defeating the ZSC Lions (my team) in the finals.   We knew it was going to be a tough, low scoring game based on the talent level of both teams.  Fortunately for us, we were successful in winning this contest and felt confident in our abilities to work together as a team.  Since then, we have competed in five games and have won every contest, moving us to 6-0 on the season.  Along with Lugano, other teams in our league include Rapperswil, Langenthal, Bomo Thun, and Reinach.

Moving into October, our team decided to participate in a number of promotional events to encourage fans to support the ZSC Lions ladies team.  This was an interesting experience personally because I took part in a few interviews where I answered the questions in English and the interviewer translated it to Swiss-German.  Ultimately, I had no idea what they where saying to the audience but I was hoping it was close to what I had answered! They began by introducing me and stating that I was from Canada.  In knowing this, I was asked questions such as what I like about Switzerland, and/or how hockey in Canada is different from the hockey in Switzerland.  Also, my team and I went to a ZSC men’s game to promote our hockey and this was fun because we got to do an interview over the big screen.  Unfortunately, the fans haven’t quite caught on to supporting women’s hockey in the same pattern as men’s,however the fans we do have are great!

Now, I know you all want to hear about my big adventure of the month, that of course being Oktoberfest.  And when I say adventure I really mean it! I don’t think any words could truly do justice in describing Oktoberfest.  It is a 16-day celebration of food, drinks (mostly beer), and games. This year was the 200th anniversary, so you can imagine the anticipation and excitement people had when they made the trip to Munich, Germany.  I think they estimated 6 million people to visit Munich during the time of Oktoberfest – that’s crazy!  We left October 1st(Friday) with the camper (yes, we camped) AND I even got to drive the camper on the German motorway.  It’s funny because my mom always calls me Mario because she thinks I’m a fast driver BUT I was a turtle compared to the cars on this highway!! There is no speed limit and with the engine power of a BMW, Audi, or Mercedes you can imagine the speed at which they travel at!  So we arrived (safely) on Friday afternoon and decided to get dinner in the city.  We ended up going to Pizza Hut, which I loved – a little North American pizza tasted great!  On Saturday morning, we visited the Dachau concentration camp, which was one of the first concentration camps and was the only camp to have existed throughout the entire twelve years of Nazi rule.  It was so sad to read and walk around on the grounds of such torture, it really showed how awful and powerful certain individuals can be.  After this, we switched gears completely and made it to Oktoberfest and let me tell you the mood there was NOTHING like the morning.  I think the best part of Oktoberfest is that everyone is happy, friendly, and excited to be there! Of course, a little liquid courage didn’t hurt also but never the less the party went on from 11am to 11pm! We made it to three different tents, where they served 1L beers.  I know what you are thinking, three tents what’s the big deal? BUT you actually wait hours to get a seat at every tent.  My advice to everyone is that if you haven’t had the chance to experience Oktoberfest yet, do it!  It’s a trip you won’t regret and you get to meet people from all over the world!

So what else is there to update you on…..I moved into my own flat!! This is exciting because I feel very independent and kind of grown up (which is different, ha).  I live 2 minutes away from downtown, so I can walk to the grocery store, train station, etc…Living is very different here is Switzerland and when I say that I think it’s the little things that add up to be a big thing.  You will understand what I mean when you come visit (that’s an open invite)! With work, this week is very busy as I’m helping with the Bambini (6-8 year olds) hockey school.  I am starting to pick up certain words that kids speak to me, and everyday I feel more comfortable with my ability to communicate with them.

I did miss my fifth Canadian Thanksgiving in a row – one of these times I’ll make it home for it!! Next up on my adventures include a trip to Amsterdam and my dad comes to visit November 5th, which I am excited about.  We will be doing some traveling around Switzerland as well as a trip to Frankfurt, Germany and Paris, France.

That’s it for now; hope you enjoyed your reading!



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