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Hockey is a commitment. Besides school, hockey is the biggest commitment in my life, and I’m sure in yours too. The best part about it is that we aren’t doing it because we have to. Us hockey players wake up early in the morning to train and play for hours during the day, simply because we cannot think of a better way to live our life.

This summer has been more important than any previous summer for me. The intensity of players my age is skyrocketing. Everyone, including myself, is starting to think about where their hockey may take them in the future. This is a very intimidating, yet motivating idea. For some people, the uncertainty of their hockey future crushes them with fear and intimidation. But what you really need to look at is where it could take you, and don’t worry about what-if’s. Someone once told me “If it’s worth it, and you truly want it, it’s going to be hard.” And as I look at that more and more, the truth in it really shows. From here on out, getting to where I want to be will take plenty of sacrifices. Changing your life into a true hockey lifestyle. Eating, sleeping, training and playing like a hockey player is the only way you can get to the next level. I have had so many inspiring coaches that helped me to know where I am and where I could be. But even with all of their help, it really comes down to the player and their willingness to work harder. It comes down to this: you have to go until you know that there is nothing left to give. If you ever finish a shift, a game, an exercise, an assignment, or anything, and you know that you truly had more in you, give more the next chance you get. I want to look back, when hockey is over for me one day, and know there was nothing more I could have ever done. That is something I aspire to do

So as painful as it is to admit, summer is almost over. I remember looking into my eight week long camps and thinking summer will drag. But now its week six and I’m trying to figure out how that even happened. I finished the two events I was most looking forward to, the Player Development Camp and Beantown Classic tournament, which were both amazing. My team, East Coast Selects Q, defeated Assabet in a close 2-1 game in overtime for the championship, making this our third Beantown championship title in the past three years. Development camp was great too, and I definitely got a lot out of it from all the experienced coaches we had.

So as my summer wrap-up begins, I’ll be sure to finish the summer on a good note and jump right into my upcoming year!

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