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Early in the month we weren’t able to take out the broomsticks for the sweep against Syracuse as we took a disheartening 2-1 defeat but we did manage to make a lil orange juice as we pulled off a 4-2 win the next day.  The following weekend we hosted Princeton and Quinnipiac dicing up two great ties. Unfortunately last weekend we had a tough loss to Providence 4-0. 


In this blog I want to talk about a little more than just the scores of games, the big wins and tough losses, I want to talk about the traditions and memories that are built on and off ice among teammates. Many people believe that college is the best four years of your life. There is no doubt in my mind that this is true but I must add that being part of a team that you consider family makes those four years even more unforgettable. One of the best things about attending college in this day in age is our ability to capture every moment that we experience…literally making it unforgettable. 

In 2011, an important player and person graduated from Union College, Marissa Gentile. Gentile captained the team in both her Junior and Senior year, not only did she bring a great amount of skill and leadership to the team but also a great amount of personality.  During my freshman year Gentile was a Senior and during this season she began a unique trend on our team that unexpectedly continued throughout the entire season and seasons to come. This trend became known as taking Mobile Uploads (MU’s) on away bus trips, capturing various moments throughout the season with her phone. In order to truly explain this trend that turned into a tradition on our team I decided to interview the one and only Marissa Gentile. 


Can you define what an “MU” is? 

Yes absolutely. MU in technical terms stands for Mobile Upload. Physically (or metaphysically), an MU is a visual snapshot of a certain moment in time, encompassing the Confucian proverb “A picture is worth a thousand words.”*

*Don’t quote me here, this expression was really coined by journalist Arthur Brisbane in 1911, and falsely attributed to the Chinese philosopher over time. Sounds better though.


How did “MU’s” start? 

Correct me if I am wrong but our first MU took place in Providence, RI my senior year. It was the beginning of the season and we were on a team walk through the “Gano Dog Park” right along the water. Having somewhat of an out-of-body experience, I was overcome with the intrinsic value of the moment: our full team clad in black jumpsuits, such high energy, Atlantic ocean in the background—and it struck me that I would have fewer and fewer of these moments left with this team/family. Thus I asked everyone to pose for a pic, and so the tradition began.


Did you ever think that “MU’s” would continue after you graduated?

I really hoped that I imposed (maybe somewhat neurotically) the value of a good MU with the team, and I am beyond honored to see that they have upheld my legacy.

What do “MU’s” mean to you?

Everything. I am a very nostalgic person, and I find that an MU acts as a living memory, constantly reminding myself to live in the moment so you can cherish the past


Do you have an “MU” that is most memorable to you while playing at Union?

Yes. We were somewhere in upstate New York. I had the team line up in order of height against a concrete wall and asked for everyone *not* to smile. The result was this cool/edgy panoramic shot—really captured the intensity of the game day attitude.

Is there any relation to your twitter name and “MU’s”?

@MU_rissa = a mix between MU and the second half of my first name—symbolic? Of course. I must give credit to Elsa Perushek for the inspiration.   ~  Lost? Follow @MU_rissa. Thx!

Over the last two seasons we have accumulated many MU’s from all over the country, from Minnesota to Maine. These MU’s have become routine on bus trips and inside jokes among teammates.  Even though Marissa Gentile has now been graduated for two years, her spontaneous tradition of taking MU’s wherever we go has continued and has allowed us to create lasting memories of the best years of our lives.  

“This is what dreams are made of”


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