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Happy Holidays from the Syracuse Orange

As the semester winds down here in Syracuse, the girls have been working hard finishing up exams, papers and finals before heading home for break. We ended our first half of our season 9-8-1 just finishing up a strong weekend against No. 2 Clarkson. This time of year everyone is in need of a little break from hockey and time to relax at home with family. Before you know it we will be heading back to vacant Syracuse campus and grinding out the rest of the season non-stop.

Between those 10 page papers, final exams, and public speaking presentations the girls always find time to fit in their favorite TV shows. The voids where our hometown NHL teams should be playing are now filled with zombie-vampire creatures, gossiping girls, and the fist pumps of our favorite Guido’s. We have all bonded over our favorite TV shows, sharing and recommending the best ones out there. Every Wednesday, the girls all meet at one apartment and watch American Horror Story and INSIST that all the lights must be turned off. Maybe this is why our freshmen claim there are “spirits” in their apartment ever since the Halloween season.

Some other fan favorites include; Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, True Blood, The Walking Dead, Girls, Workaholics, Parks and Recreation, Gossip Girl, The Challenge, The Voice, X-Factor and Game of Thrones. Sophomore’s Kaille Goodnough and Nicole Ferrara, mentioned “Arrow (because of the hot guy) and Beauty and The Beast (which has an even hotter guy).” Sophomore Julie Knerr and Junior Brittney Krebs have a liking for Pretty Little Liars and just cannot wait to find out who “A” is. Freshman Danielle Leslie always finds time to catch Say Yes to The Dress and also has a soft spot for Honey Boo-Boo. Senior Holly Carrie-Mattimoe still frequents the couch every “Jersday” to catch the latest episode of The Jersey Shore. With this short time off from school and hockey, I am sure the girls will all cozy up in their living rooms to catch up on any shows they have missed throughout the semester. 

From myself, and the girls at Syracuse, we wish everyone happy and safe holidays with family and friends. We will see you back in January when the second half of the season starts up again.



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