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Its been a while since I have had a second to sit down and write something – without the stress of completing homework long procrastinated due to sheer physical exhaustion or a general need for mental vegetation. The life we lead as varsity athletes is fast paced, engaging, challenging and at its bare bones genuinely grueling. However, I also genuinely love every challenging aspect of this life and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. 

The women’s hockey team is moving full steam ahead now five weeks into our third regular season in the OUA. The team is now 3-5, rounding out the fifth weekend with a 1-0 win over the CIS 6th Ranked Western Mustangs on Nov 2. Having won only 3 games in its entire history prior to this season, the team in the dressing room is not impressed or even surprised by the 3-5 start. We are not only ambitious but also sure of our ambitions, and so far we are on track to reach the goals we have set for ourselves. Hard work is of course the mode of action to get us there. 

Though the Athletics Department from Strength and Conditioning, Therapy, Coaching and Administration has done an excellent job of setting this program up for success during this time, there is a new factor that has been coming into play over this on-track start to the season. There is growth that has occurred and is grasping on its change of the inner daily workings of the organism that is a women’s hockey team. Somehow conflicts are addressed and resolved appropriately, rules once sneered at are accepted and enforced by each other and the teetering scale of social time, school time and hockey time seems to be at balance. In simpler words, the dressing room has matured tenfold since the inception of the program and it is obvious from the types of interactions that are taking place. 

What a process this has all been, but as I stand back and watch teammates helping each other with homework, with lifts in the gym, and a growth in empathy for each other I can’t help but think, this is what I have always dreamed of being apart of. No matter how tired or battered the week may make us feel, we have each other for support and share a life no non-athlete could dare to dedicate time to. Through the wins, the losses and Pierre Alain’s endearing bag-skates we’ll do it together, because Together Everyone Achieves More and isn’t that what being a team is all about? 

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