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Getting To Know Sherri Bowles


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I come from a small town called Elkhorn, Manitoba with a population of roughly 600 people. It’s a place where everyone knows everyone and it’s basically one big happy family. The support and care the community shares makes everyone who visits the town feel welcome. Elkhorn is a big hockey town where people spend their time at the rink during the winter. I couldn’t be happier to call it my home.

My own big happy family consists of my Dad (Delbert), Mom (Sally), older sister (Candace), older brother (Jason) and younger twin brothers (Shawn and Bradley). You guessed it, we’re a hockey family and we spend most of our time at the rink during the winter and a fair but during the summer too. I was very lucky to have many siblings growing up. There’s definitely never a dull moment.  It also gave me people to play shinny with or mini sticks and we enjoy watching each others hockey games. A lot of my hockey skills came from my dad and also my older brother. My Dad has taught me so much throughout my hockey career and he is always giving me advice about the game. I’ve also looked up to my older brother, Jason. I loved going to watch him play and learning new things from him by watching his skill on the ice. He’s taught me moves and plays which have helped me improve my game as well.

Where would I be without family? I can’t express how lucky I am to have such a supportive family. They have been with me since the beginning and still today, they are always watching me play or listening to my games on the radio. My Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, parents and siblings are always there for me and that just shows what a great family I come from. I could always look up into the stands and see them sitting there cheering me on. They have a lot of hockey to keep up with, but I don’t think they mind one bit.

Growing up I was involved in many sporting activities such as basketball, badminton, volleyball, swimming, baseball and then my number one being hockey. I started playing hockey at the age of 7 in my hometown of Elkhorn. Before I started hockey, I figure skated for a few years. I think I realized after two years of figure skating that it was enough and time to start with hockey (I’m sure my Dad had a say in that too). Once I started hockey, I instantly grew a passion for it. I played boys hockey until I was 15 years old then went into playing for the girls team in town. Elkhorn was where I played all of my hockey until I graduated from high-school but during those years I played with many different teams. When I was 15 I started playing summer hockey with the Westman Selects in Brandon, Manitoba. I got the opportunity to travel to Minneapolis, Minnesota with the Selects to play in the US International Cup. We went on to winning the gold medal championship and being the first ever Canadian Women’s team to win that tournament in our age category. It was in a shootout too which made things even more exciting. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite hockey memories. I’ve also played with the AA Yellowhead Chiefs which is a regional team out of Manitoba that mostly takes part in tournaments. The league was just getting started when I was eligible to play so it has improved throughout the past few years.

After graduating high school I went on to attend Assiniboine Community College (ACC) in Brandon, Manitoba, where I studied Business Administration. While going to school, I was also playing hockey for the ACC Cougars in the Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference. We traveled around Manitoba and participated in tournaments throughout the season. During my second year at ACC we came to play NAIT for a couple preseason games at the start of the 09/10 season. That weekend was where Deanna and I came in contact and also how I ended up playing here this season. I couldn’t be happier from where I am today. I’ve only been here in Edmonton for 3 and a half months and I am having the time of my life. The experiences I have been having are so exciting and new for me. My team is great, coaches are unreal and the schooling here is fantastic.  I can’t wait to keep you updated on what the rest of the season brings!

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