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Getting in Shape, School Work and Enjoying Free Time

Hi everyone –

This fall has been a lot of fun and very busy! The first few months on campus before season are generally spent getting in shape, getting ahead academically, and enjoying the extra free time!

It is fun to be able to cheer on our friends on the Men’s and Women’s soccer teams, Field Hockey, Volleyball, and Football. When our sports teams are on campus, our Saturdays consist of hopping from game to game.

Our home ice was laid down yesterday – we finally have access to it everyday of the week even though we are unable to practice until November 1st. We can’t wait!  We also lift two to three times a week, and there is a Speed and Endurance Class run by Amherst Phys. Ed Department which women’s hockey, women’s lacrosse, and softball do together.  None of this is mandatory but are usually widely attended as our season is coming up soon!!! (November 1st is the first official practice).

This past weekend a few of my friends and I drove to Boston to visit Amherst alumni during our October Break. We spent some time with Kate Dennett, Michelle McGann, and Lindsey Harrington, Amherst hockey players who all graduated within the past two years. It was great to have this opportunity to get off campus for a weekend and see old friends! This was especially good distraction from how poorly the Twins/ Yankees series turned out. Bummer.

On another exciting note, this is also that time of the year for midterms – not my favorite thing in the world but I enjoy my classes so that makes the hours in the library a little less painful. I am taking four classes – Health Psychology, American Politics/Foreign Policy, Integration, Immigration, and Citizenship in Europe, and Nutritional Problems in the Developing World. This fourth class is taught at UMASS Amherst. Amherst College is one of five schools in the surrounding area; the other four are UMASS Amherst, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, and Hampshire College. Together, we make up what is called the “Five College Consortium”, whichessentially means than it is easy and encouraged to explore courses at all five schools. This Five College Consortium is awesome because a) you can take any class that you could possible think of, chances are one of the schools will have it, and b) because it makes for a great, college-town atmosphere – many students around, easy to meet new people, and lot of events going on!

The last thing I spend my time on these days is working on campus at the Amherst College Museum of Natural History or the “Dino Museum” as a Monitor. This is by far the coolest building on campus (my second favorite next to the hockey rink, of course). If you are ever nearby check it out – we have the largest collection of dinosaur tracks in North America!

Thanks for reading!


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