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Gavronsky Training with NHLers and Olympians in Off Season

Wow, It has been a long time since my last blog. Being busy with finals, summer school, family, boyfriend, friends and workouts…there hasn’t been much time to write my blog or for myself. So here we are again…were did I leave off, ah yes. I was able to visit my friend and former roommate Gabriele in Washington DC for a weekend. There we had pretty good weather, we shopped a lot, had a cupcake from DC cupcakes! We also walked around the monuments, unfortunately the reflecting pool was under construction, however it was still amazing. But it gives me an excuse to go back. While there, a kite show/competition was going on. I have never seen so many kites in one area before. That was something to remember. Another thing before I move on, I LOVE the movie National Treasure…and being able to see where the movie was made and recognizing the area was really cool.

Onto finals week at Northeastern, it’s an exciting time but also not. It’s exciting because you’re going home for the summer and seeing old friends, family, and significant other. The not so exciting part is obviously saying by to teammates and friends but it is a pain in the butt to pack up all your stuff and finding a place for it… and how you get it there? Lucky my teammate made it easy this year for me by storing my things with hers. While doing this you also are studying for your finals, which you just want to take and get over with…at least I do, hahaha. Finals went great, finished on Northeastern’s Dean list for the Spring 2011 semester. 

I don’t know if I have told you guys before but my friend Johnny Boychuck plays for the Boston Bruins, and I was lucky enough to get tickets from him for game 7 against Montreal. What an amazing atmosphere TD Garden has. It was loud you could feel the excitement, nervousness, passion, and a couple rowdy fans, haha. To me this was really exciting because this was my first NHL playoff game! I was lucky too that one of my closest friends in boston was able to go with me. At the start of the game the lower bowl had a bruins flag moving around the seats. This thing was HUGE and I had never seen anything like it. Then the game started, Johnny scored the first goal; hard shot from the point. The crowd just erupts! Then Boston scores again to go ahead. Finally in the third period the score is 3 to 2 for Boston. With only just a couple minutes left Montreal scores. This game is going into overtime! It’s back and forth for a while then Montreal makes a mistake, Horton picked up the puck in Montreal territory, shoots and scores. The crowd just erupts with cheering. Smiles and laughter is all I saw the rest of the night. So I want to Congratulate Johnny on this amazing win, winning the Stanley Cup, and giving me tickets to the game.

Finally I’m at the airport heading home. Leaving at 2pm and going to arrive in Edmonton around 10:30pm. If I haven’t told you guys before, I have the worst luck with traveling, so this trip wasn’t any different. First I get to the airport on time and ready to leave, and all the planes are not leaving because of the bad weather. This delays my flight to Toronto, which in turns makes me miss my connecting flight. Therefore I got a flight attendant to “reschedule” me on another flight. Shockingly when I get to Toronto I’m not on the flight, so I get put on the waiting list behind 18 people! The attendant then announced that the flight was over booked; it’s about 11:30pm now, and all I want is to come home. I call up my boyfriend Brett to tell him not to stay up because he has work in the early in the morning. So after about 20 minutes the flight attendant comes back on line and starts calling last names to get their tickets. I’m praying that my name is called…finally “Gavronsky” was called. I get my ticket and now I’m heading back to Edmonton. Sleeping on the flight home, I finally get home at 2:30am. Getting off the plain I walked down to meet just my mom and dad. To my surprise Brett, my boyfriend was also waiting with my parents. After all the hugs and kisses, we headed home.

The next couple weeks, all I did was unpack, work and work out. I work at Donnan Elementary School, for the hockey program as an instructor. This job is fun but sometimes you just want to shoot some pucks at the kids….which accidentally happens sometimes, hahah. At the end of the year they also have to do a triathlon which consists of running, swimming, then rollerblading. So we train with them so there’s my second workout of the day. Unfortunately these past 2 weeks we had so much rain, around 100mm in 5 days, therefore it got cancelled for the grade 4’s and 5’s. My last day was this past Wednesday where we played baseball, and made posters of character words like dedication, strength, focus, etc. Now workouts are so much fun because I train with NHL players like Jason Chimara (Capitals), Jay Boumiser (Flames), Johnny Boychuck (Bruins and won the cup!!), Meghan Mikkelson (Team Canada), and many more great players. Not only do I get to train with these great players we have ice every Thursday after workout. Well that’s lots of reading for all of you with this blog so I’ll keep it short and I will have another posting soon. Thanks for reading.

– Whatever you put into it is what you will get out of it.

–  It’s not “what if” it’s “what is”



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