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Fun Facts of The Union Ductchwomen


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Just like that, another summer has come and gone. Most might find this upsetting, but for our team here at Union, the anticipation of fall and colder weather only means one thing… Hockey season is here. The excitement within our team is palpable and barely containable.  Knowing our first game of the 2014-15 season is only 3 days away means there’s an electric kind of energy at practice!!  Not to mention, TESTING IS DONE. And like always, the summer training and hard earned salt our team sweat out has paid off! With classes up and running and official practices under way, our team hasn’t missed a beat in returning to life at the U. With last year’s senior class thriving (or surviving) in the real world, we welcomed seven new freshman this year. Although it’s hard to replace the personalities and players from the class of 2014, this year’s freshman class have surpassed any and all expectations and our team is very fortunate to have them! You could say they’re pretty cool.

This year, our team is so excited to have the opportunity to meet a highly regarded sports psychologist and Union hockey alum, Dr. Wally Bzdell.  Dr. Bzdell came in to talk to our team last week and provided us with great insight and tips to the mental part of the game. Although this was only our first of many talks with Wally, our entire team walked away with better perspective and knowledge of the mental game inherent to our sport.  We know that while we have the physical down, we’ll be unstoppable with the mental and they require the same advice- one shift at a time.

Part of keeping our good vibes flowing has been spending time together off the ice.  This past Sunday we all came together in a room only big enough for two futons, though we also squeezed in an assorted collection of beach chairs. Windows were quickly popped to accommodate the oxygen requirements of all 24 of us.  We wanted to learn more about each other, and now we know the warm weather sweat patterns of many that were in that room.   We could have used some more windows.  These are some of the ridiculous answers that quickly got our mind off the heat and had us choking on our pizza:

  • Noodle and Chuck both aspire to be trophy wives.
  • Half the team wishes to migrate to the Bahamas.  Group rates and the viability of a professional women’s hockey league are being explored.
  • Erica’s favorite TV show is swamp people, as well as the inspiration to her dream vacation to “the south” where she will be able to do her favorite hobby of target shooting. But we’ll give her a break, she’s newly released from the Great White North.
  • Name the title of your autobiography yielded some revealing answers about what’s important: 
    • Babs has Bangs We had no idea Babs’ hairstyle shaped her identity so much.  Awkward that they grew out.
    • Heyyyyyy Gatorrrrrr read to the tune of “Hey Brother”.  Better received when your hockey team turns into your personal acapella group
    • How many ways can you spell Eastyn wrong We have yet to get a final count, and, yes it is simply a coincidence that she plays Division 1 hockey.
    • ELE: Everybody Loves Emily Lucky for her, this is true of our team, and we ignore her narcissistic tendencies.  As for the rest of the world, good luck with that.
    • Diaries of the Team Mom We thought she said Diaries of a Teen Mom.  We suddenly had a lot of questions.

If the rest of the season is anything like Sunday night, not only can we handle the heat, but we know how to laugh, win and thrive in the kitchen.

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