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Fun Facts About the 2011-2012 Fighting Sioux!

Hope I am catching everyone doing well. Right now there is still no snow in Grand Forks, which is surprising because the temperature has been dropping rapidly and the winds have picked up.  With the temperatures steadily declining this can only mean one thing, we are slowly getting deeper into hockey season. Since I last wrote we hosted Vermont and swept them.  Ohio State came to town for our 10-year anniversary celebration and we walked away with 2 big W’s.  After 2 weekends at home we then found ourselves on our first bus trip of the season to Duluth. This is always a fun time, bus trips allow you to bond as a team. This is especially true when the sound on the bus isn’t working so we can’t watch any movies! 

Here is the team in Duluth. We went on a pre game walk along the coast of Lake Superior. 

As far as our games against Duluth they were not what we wanted, going into every weekend we expect 2 W’s. We did not play our best hockey in Duluth. We lost Friday night and Saturday we came back from down 2 goals in the third period and tied the game, we ended up going into OT and loosing in a shootout. We definitely had a bitter taste in our mouth after that weekend.  The following weekend we traveled to St Cloud where we swept. A sweep on the road means ice cream on the bus trip home, so we enjoyed some delicious cold stone ice cream. Now we have an off weekend as some of our teammates go to represent their countries over seas in the 4 Nations tournament- I would like to wish them good luck!!! After our off weekend we have several must win games before we head into Christmas break. As of right now we are ranked 7th in the nation, with a week off we get some rest and we can recharge for some big games. 

Moving on to my Detroit sports update. The Red Wings started off hot and now found themselves in a six game loosing slump, which finally they snapped with a win against the Ducks a few nights ago.  I am not worried about them at all; they have proven they are one of the most dominant teams in the NHL. The Lions are still enjoying success with a 6-2 record, and baseball season is long gone- which was a tough elimination for the Tigers from the ALCS. 

In my last blog I promised some funny/interesting facts about my teammates, here is what I have gathered over a few road trips of pestering them for facts about themselves. Hope you guys enjoy getting to know some of the girls on the team, I learned some interesting stuff about my teammates.

Shelby Amsley-Benzie– She didn’t start playing goalie till 5th grade.

Mary Loken – She actually thought the Statue of Liberty was in Rhode Island, not New York!

Madison Kolls – This girl loves to dougie more than anyone else I know.

Allison Parizek – She has enough hoodies to cloth every member on the team on each day of the week for a week straight!

Jordan Slavin – Had an actual pet pig living in her house

Michelle Karvinen – Is so intelligent and cultured she can speak 5 different languages.

Kayla Berg – One of her thigh’s circumference is equal to her waist circumference (we actually measured) she also has the ability to squat a small car.

Andrea Dalen – Was an extra in a soap opera in Europe.

Shannon Kaiser – has the ability to sing the ABS forwards and backwards.

Ashley Holmes – claims her favorites movie is The Sound of Music.

Alyssa Wiebe – cannot whistle. 

Megan Gilbert – Is an amazing artist…look at what her latest piece of work is

Tori Williams – Has received the nickname “Snookie” because she is the same height as Snookie and has many other similar attributes to the TV star.

Jocelyne Lamoureux – Has never had a bloody nose..which was surprising to me that Monique never gave her one!

Monique Lamoureux – Has a house, fence, and a dog (George is awesome though!)

Kelsey Ketcher – Is dating former Sioux hockey player and Hobey Baker winner Ryan Duncan.

Sara Dagenais – states that she has a pair of superman boxers for each day of the week.

Leah Jensen – has a pet parakeet.

Monique Weber – Has never had a papercut.

Layla Marvin – absolutely hates Ketchup, she can’t even look at the stuff!

Steph Ney – has always wanted a pet turtle. 

Jorid Dagfinrud – Has lived in America for 3 years and still cannot speak English!!

Candace Molle – is from Alaska and is a dual citizen of American and Canada.

Michelle Bonapace – Potvin- Can play 6 separate musical instruments.

Josie Johnson – Her favorite band is Blink-182.

Josefine Jakobsen – Her nickname on the team is “Yo so fine” because an announcer once mispronounced her name as “Yo so fine” so it just stuck.

Ashley Furia – Never get into a debate with her on politics, it will get very heated. 

Till next time— Go Wings and Go Lions!!



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