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From Lake Forest to the University of Guelph

Hello Everyone,

My name is Dayna Kanis, I am a graduate student at the university of Guelph. I am studying capacity development and extension… hmmm… you are probably thinking what on earth is that?  Well essentially I am doing my research on: Women Coaching Men in Hockey at Competitive Levels. I am from Georgetown Ontario.  However, most importantly I am on the varsity women’s hockey team at Guelph. I began my university hockey career at Lake Forest College, in Illinois. This school just was not my cup of tea, so after completing one year at Lake Forest, I transferred to Guelph. It is CIS rules that I had to sit out for a year before playing hockey, I appealed this rule, and lost. I practiced with the university, and played on Oakville Ice for that one year. After this year was over, I was able to play with the university, finallyJ. I completed my undergrad in psychology at Guelph, yet still had 2 whole years of eligibility left ; and I was not quite ready  to move on.  That’s when I decided to go to grad school, and use my two years of eligibility.

Guelph hockey is unique. All the years I have been on this team, it has been nothing but good times and great memories (minus losing in the OUA finals two years in a row to Laurier). Our team, works hard on and off the ice. We like to have fun in everything we do.  We have been taught that being a varsity athlete is a privilege, and it is. It takes much dedication, and time.  Our frosh week consisted of 2-a-day workouts, our thanksgiving consisted of 2 hockey games, our spring break consists of hockey.  We give up so much, but it is sooooo worth it.

The genuine relationship that I have built over my 5 years at Guelph with teammates and coaches is irreplaceable. The connections that are made in varsity sports will help all of us to achieve future aspirations.  This year I was able to do a video and photo shoot for champions for life… I mean, it is the opportunities and experiences like these, that would have never been possible without Guelph.  Everyone brings something different to the team; there are your clowns, and your clams… but, in the end our team is one… we have this saying on our team,  “ If one of us scores, we all score”… you can pretty much replace score, with any word: fail, succeed, trip…. We push one another on a daily basis to be better students, better athletes, and most importantly better people.

The Guelph Gryphons strive to be the best, which is one of our goals this year. This year we are fully committed to win that OUA title. We have a lot of graduating players who have one last kick at the can, and it is “our time” to win.


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