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From Germany to Canada, Anna Fiegert Now Calls Scanlon Creek Home

I am now in the middle of my second week at Scanlon Creek Hockey Acadamy. Although it is a little bit different then I thought it would be (e.g. location.. in the middle of nowhere?!), the training is great!! 

Every morning we have an hour workout before (!!!) breakfast and a 1 hour 20 min on ice practice in the afternoon! Unfortunately we have to work a lot on our condition, which pretty much means running or skating. We know that every player hates that, but doing the same thing over and over, I can now feel a difference! This feeling of complete exhaustion after workouts, falling into bed after and sleeping for 11 hours because you don’t need anything else.

The coaches here are great! They do everything for you, you can reach them any time if something isn’t right or you just need advice. (Okay… sometimes you might hate them on the ice when they blow the whistle and just say: one more time) 

All in all I think this was a great decision I made for myself, because you can’t imagine any better place to work out all day and have staff like we do around you!

Highlight of my week: The OHL game Barrie Colts vs. Kitchener Rangers, where I could watch my old teammate Tobias Rieder from Kitcherner play. Though they lost 5:2 against Barrie it was a nice experience! 


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