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Wow, has it been a long time since I posted, and so much has happened too! Picking up where we left off. A short time after my last post, Katrin and her husband found me an awesome job. I get to work at a gourmet restaurant in Salzburg called Magazin. It is mostly a lunch place that serves salads, soups, pizzas, and pastas. Every morning, I show up and my cappuccino is waiting for me. Then we get to work and, we make the “teig” or pizza dough. We prepare for the service hours and, then we cook. Each day I do something different. It is so cool seeing the behind the scenes stuff at a restaurant. It has just given my imagination more things to think about for the future. The best part is that after work, and being around food all day, my creative juices get flowing and, I go home and cook some delicious meals, many of which you have probably seen on facebook.The best part about working in the kitchen though is that I am learning more and more German each day. I can understand almost everything they say about food, which is pretty neat. 

Anyways, besides the job, I have been just playing hockey and hanging out. Since my last post, we have played four games. We won two of them and lost two of them. For those who I know will ask, yes I scored. I have 6 goals and 9 assists so far in those four games. More importantly though, the team is starting to improve and it is fun to play in the games. For one of the games we traveled to Budapest (That is in Hungary for those who don’t know their geography…Prisca). Although we didn’t get to see much of the city because we played a game and came home, it was pretty cool to see a different country. It still is weird to me that I can drive two or more hours in almost any direction and I am in a different country. Back home a six-hour drive takes you to Maine. In Salzburg, it takes you to Hungary. That is still so crazy to me. Anyways, we have two games this weekend in Vienna, and hopefully we can pull off a couple of wins. 

For the hanging out part, a little while ago, there was a festival called Rupertikirtag, which is kind of like a mini Octoberfest. The old town was crowded with people, and carnival rides, and games. Traditional outfits were worn. Women wore dirndls. It was neat. We have carnivals and festivals back home, but not to this extent….and not with this little security.

In other news, after a month and a half, I am really starting to settle down. My room is all set up, nice and homey, and big! (with a wall). A couple of weeks ago, Katrin made me curry, which was delicious, but the best part of that night was that she and Markus, her husband lent me one of their bikes. Let me tell you having a bike is the BEST thing. I bike a minimum of 10-15 miles everyday. I bike to work, to the gym, to practice, and even just some joyriding. I love it so much that I know for certain I will be buying a bike the second I get back to America. I have also made a few new friends here in Austria. One of them is Sarah. She is on the team, but she is injured so she can’t play. Through her I met another friend Corrina. Sarah has shown me some cool things in Salzburg, and unexpected things like a flamingo farm. Yes, I do not lie there are pink flamingos in Salzburg. Also, a few weeks ago they made me pumpkin goulash. It was delicious. “Kurbis” or Pumpkin is a huge thing here in Austria. It is nice having a few friends to just hang out with…and learn German from or start new TV series with. Yes, I know I am in Austria, but Breaking Bad is addicting. Regardless, Austria is starting to settle in quite nicely, even though I am missing some things like fall foliage and my PATRIOTS. Nobody knows American football or American sports really too well over here, so when the patriots or the red sox have AMAZING wins, there is nobody to celebrate with….especially when the one person who knows American Football, meaning my boss, the head chef….is a Giants fan……

Well, for now, I must go get some sleep. This new busy lifestyle is quite tiring. Hope all is well back home. Go to Starbucks and take pictures of the beautiful leaves for me. 

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