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Five Reasons Why Rookie Year is Great


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We all know how exciting and stressing it is when we are about to start our first year in University and in a hockey team. In general, it is our first year with a team, we are tagged as a “rookies”. Many people say that being a rookie is no fun, that everything is harder for you in first year. Well, I don’t feel the same way. In life, it is important to see the positive side of everything. In fact, we, as human, have too many negative thoughts and it affects negatively our way of living. This is why I will point out different reasons why being a rookie is just great.

  • First year means new team, which means awesome people to meet

Did you think about that? In your new team, there is a minimum of 20 great people to meet and you will spend the next 3 to 6 years with a few of them! It’s a great opportunity to make new friendship that can last for more than those 3-6 years. Take your time to get to know every single one of them. It will help your relationship with the team and there is nothing better for performance than a good cohesion inside a team. Also, on the long run, you will remember the great moments you had with those people before you remember which game or championship you won.

  • You get to learn a lot of new things

University is like a pool and this pool is filled with tons of things to learn. You need to dive in it and learn as many things as you can. You will notice that after your first year, you’ve matured a lot. The more you learn, the more you feel confident and confidence is an aspect that has a lot of influence on your performance in hockey but also in life. School will bring you knowledge and hockey will teach you life skills. Make sure you keep your mind wide open to everything and everyone that can help you learn something new.

  • Gifts, Gifts, Gifts!

Everybody knows that we are almost more excited to get our new apparel than to play our first hockey game! In our first year, we get a lot of gift: bags, clothes, sticks, and so on. Our closet instantly fills up with our team colours. Who doesn’t like to get gifts?

  • You don’t even need to ask questions!

Yes, you read it right. I can tell you by experience that girls on the team are so happy to help you that you don’t have any questions because they have already told you almost everything. So many people think that veterans (2nd year players or more) are taking advantage of rookies, that they treat them like slaves. If this happens to you, well you are on the wrong team. The reality is that veterans know what you are going through and they are willing to help you at any time. I can tell you by experience, you don’t need to be stressed about that!  

  • You always have a good excuse to get out of trouble!

It is only in your first year that you can get out of trouble saying “Sorry I didn’t know”.  I know it sounds funny but it’s true. People are more tolerant with new students-athletes. As a rookie, you can get the second chance that others don’t have. Of course, don’t take advantage of it too often, but don’t worry, they are not expecting you to be perfect right from the start!

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