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Finding A Routine

Is it really 2011?? Where has all the time gone?  It is hard to believe that the season is half over and we are beginning to wind down towards the playoffs.  Since last post, quite frankly not much has happened.  It seems I have been getting into a sort of routine: eat, gym, practice, with the only down time dedicated to relaxing with a book or a movie.  Though, despite abandoning the “tourist” lifestyle I once lived in Stockholm, I know there is still much I want to see and do before my time is up here so perhaps once I get used to the snow and darkness again I will be reenergized to continue exploring.  I know that sounds odd, being reenergized by the darkness, but days are actually getting longer now, and once the initial shock of being at such an extreme latitude faded away, you just get used to not seeing the sun.

On the hockey side of things, unfortunately we ended the weekend with two disappointing losses.  I think we may have had too much birthday cake in the last two weeks with virtually everyone’s birthdays falling within 10 days of one another.  I hope we are able to shake off the previous contests and refocus on the games we do have left.  Hockey in Sweden has truly been a learning experience; not only have I learned to develop differently as a hockey player, but as with any new life adventure, I have learned a tremendous part about myself.  Living abroad is an amazing experience, but it can also be frustrating, even exhausting at times.  I think adjusting to new social norms has been a challenge for me, though I am lucky enough to be in a place where the locals are happy to have Americans around.  So without the life-altering experience speech, I will just say that through the ups and downs, I will leave the experience on top, and be better for it.

Since there isn’t much to report this time around, I will be sure to write more frequently as things start to pick up.  We are heading up north next weekend for a pair of games where I hope we can grab some points and turn this slump around.  While there is definitely no sun up there (literally dark all the time), I am very much looking forward to a weekend with the girls and some quality bus time.  After four years in college, I have learned to appreciate the times we can share on the bus talking about nothing at all and just enjoying being together as a team.  Short and sweet. ‘Til next time….

– Ashley


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