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“Find the Winners Edge”


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Every Olympic year as the commercials begin to flood the TV and people begin to don the red, white, and blue more than normal, it gets me thinking about how an Olympic athlete is formed and how they continue to desire to compete. What I hope everyone sees when they watch the Olympics is not just a group of athletes at the top of their sport, but I hope they see a group of incredibly determined people, who wake up every single day wanting to be better than they were yesterday. 

Ironically a few weeks ago on a flight back from a hockey tournament in Boston I was flipping through the pages of Women’s Health magazine and couldn’t help but be drawn in to reading an article titled, “Find the Winner’s Edge.” The article showcases different Olympians and details six mental characteristics that make people, like the selected Olympians successful. Perseverance. Self-Awareness. Resilience. Perspective. Focus. Discipline. The article defines each of these words and gives examples of how anyone can apply these skills to life and live in a more positive and progressive way. 

Using the Olympic mind as an example of how to tackle any issue in life is as close to perfection as an example can be. I’m sure every athlete would speak of the hardships and obstacles they had to face on their way to the Olympics, but, in the same sentence they would tell you it’s all been worth it. They are the people and the athletes they are today because the love they have for their sports has enabled them to see hard work as a challenge, not the type of challenge to be beat, but the type of challenge that hones their skills and allows them to become a master of a craft. The Olympic mindset allows the athletes to constantly work hard and expect more of themselves. They make hard work routine. They make hard work, effortless.

That type of mentality, the one that makes hard work a constant routine, does not only belong to Olympians. That state of mind can be adopted and used by any and all (players, coaches, stay at home moms, lawyers, teachers, etc.) who are willing to accept the fact that we all can always be better today than we were yesterday. 

*** a link to the article will be posted as soon as it becomes available online. 

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