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Fighting In Women’s Hockey


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As women, they try to forbid us from fighting but we all know that is not happening. They make the rules and we go to the sin bin. The claimsare it is unneeded, unclassy, unladylike, and we are too delicate.

Here are my stance, we are going to fight anyways. USA and Canada have a talent for this when they meet up. First of all, hockey is a rough and tough sport. Expect to be pushed around. It is part of the game. Now let a game become heated and one wrong word said and a fight can happen. Female enforcers can usually responsible for getting a fight to break out out but they are doing their job, protect their team. As women, we can not allow ourselves to be pushed around on the ice.

When they say that we are too delicate, we know the risk setting foot out on the ice. We lose a grain of self-preservation. I do not consider myself too delicate and as hockey players, we are supposed to be tough. Now, for being unladylike; we are more concerned about getting the puck in the net than acting like proper ladies. Not being called ladylike is not the end of the world. Last, most female hockey players are tomboys. So ladies and gentlemen, we are going to fight when needed whether you like it or not.

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