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Fifth Year Student

Hey everyone!

My name is Jennifer Jubb and I currently play for University of Alberta Pandas hockey team. As I will be writing occasionally throughout the season, I figured I would fill you in on a little bit about me and the team! To start off, I am going into my fifth year and I am enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program. I am in the Secondary program with a major in Physical Education and a minor in French.

It has always been my goal to play for the Pandas as they are known for their excellent program and they also have an outstanding record. I had the option to go to the states to places such as Clarkson, Connecticut and New York, however I wanted to stay in Canada in hopes that I would be privileged enough to play for Howie Draper at U of A.

As an assistant captain of the team, I have high expectations of our team this year. We worked extremely hard last year and made sacrifices and because of that we were successful at the National level and came home with a National Championship. This year I have the same expectations. We have a great team again this year and although the season is just underway, I can tell that we have a team that will be willing to push themselves as well as others. This is such a key factor in being a successful team and this is something that the U of A Pandas are well known for: work ethic.

I will be sending another note at the end of September once we get into some games and tryouts are over.  I hope everyone’s seasons have a great start and you will be hearing from me again shortly!

Good luck ladies!



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