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  2. Fernandez Visits Vienna; ZSC Lions Beat Lugano

Fernandez Visits Vienna; ZSC Lions Beat Lugano


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Well its been another amazing month here in Switzerland. Since I last checked in we beat Lugano (finally!), visited Vienna, and explored a bit more of the Swiss countryside. The best way to describe our game versus Lugano is that we overcame adversity. There was a figure skating tournament at our home rink, so our game was moved to an outdoor rink in the middle of Zurich. This in itself wasn’t bad news, but the heavy rain that poured down all day was. By the time we got to the rink, not only was it still raining, but the ice was bumpy and very soft. We really had to adjust our game to play on that ice surface, but we hung in there, and despite a slow start, the game ended with a score of 7-1. I was proud of the team for how well we played together, and hopefully we can continue that trend into next week when we go to Germany for the Euro Cup.

In other news, my roommate Katie and I flew to Vienna over Halloween to visit the imports from the Vienna Sabres, as well as our friend who plays for the Austrian national team. I can’t say enough about how beautiful Vienna is…we spent the whole first day wandering around the city and taking millions of pictures. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay in Vienna for very long because we had to be back in Switzerland for Swiss Ice Hockey Day. It’s a very cool concept that the Swiss have to promote the sport of hockey…they rent 20-40 hockey bags that are fully equipped and host a day of tournaments for any girls who would like to play. Even if it is the girl’s first time out on the ice and they have no equipment, they are able to take one of the extra hockey bags and get out there to play. The Swiss Ice Hockey Day was a lot of fun, but I have vowed to go back to Vienna and finish the rest of my tour of the city.

The other imports and I also had the chance to go to my teammate’s house in the countryside of Zurich. She lives above the city on the mountain, and despite the fact that it was about 10 degrees colder, the views absolutely made up for it. You could see all of the city below you, the Lake Zurich, and when the clouds cleared a bit, you could even see the Alps! It was a whole different world up there in the mountains. Our teammate Anna then took us to the stables where she keeps all of her Icelandic Ponies and she let us ride them, groom them, and feed them… It was a blast! One of the girls who had never been in the saddle before is now adamant that when she gets enough money she will buy a horse instead of a car…I already feel bad for her future horse!

The most exciting news of all is that for Thanksgiving my parents came to visit me! They got off the plane a few days ago and I have been showing them around all the places I know in Switzerland since then. For Thanksgiving we are going to Lucerne and exploring the area there.. I have been told its beautiful, so I am looking forward to the trip.That’s all for now, but since I am staying in Europe over the Christmas holidays, I am sure I will have plenty of new stories to tell by the next time I check in!

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