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  2. Fall Semester Coming to a Close for Terriers

Fall Semester Coming to a Close for Terriers


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It is hard to believe but the fall semester is almost over and the first part of the season is coming to a close. With Thanksgiving just a couple days away the Boston campus is getting quieter each day as many students head home for the holiday. However, the BU team is looking forward to a few days off from classes, a mini vacation from academics while we can focus on what we love most-hockey!

Although the semester is winding down the pressure to perform is at an all time high because of finals week quickly approaching. Even with one semester coming to a close the team is getting ready to make a positive push before our Christmas break in December. If you are unaware of the extraordinarily long we are treated to here at BU, well please keep reading so I can tell you about my favourite stretch of the season. Although the team returns to campus much earlier than the rest of the student body does because we start practicing and playing almost immediately after Christmas day-we get to enjoy being a Boston University student-athlete without the student part for roughly 3 weeks! I love this part of the season because there is so much time to spend with my teammates enjoying the city, each other and the freedom of no academic stress. Even though this segment of our season isn’t here yet I am already getting excited for it to arrive.

A fun tradition that BUWIH has during the winter break is a music video competition. Each class is responsible for picking a song and creating their own music video for it and sometimes the coaches put in an entry as well. Unfortunately my years as a Junior and Senior have left me empty handed but I have high hopes that my class this year will come out on top! But for now, its time to get some much needed work done over Thanksgiving break, play hard at Dartmouth on Saturday and make a strong push until Christmas comes and we can spend time at home for a bit. 

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