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Excited for the Season to Come!

Hey guys!

My name is Christine Newton and I am a sophomore at Castleton State College majoring in athletic training and I love it here! The people are awesome, the area is beautiful, and I love my major, but the best part is I get to play hockey  🙂

Our season does not officially start until the 15th of October but we have started preseason workouts with our strength and conditioning coach, Al Jean. Al is tough on us and he works us hard, but he is the kind of guy who pushes you to work harder. I always seem to run a little faster, lift a little more weight or give that last rep I didn’t think I had in me when he is around. He is just an awesome guy and we really appreciate everything he does for us. We have his workouts Monday through Friday at 6:45 in the morning and they usually last for about an hour. He usually starts us out with a little dynamic warm-up to get the blood flowing and then we get right into the workout. Right now we are doing a whole lot of running, sprinting and agility work to get us into better shape, but when we get closer to the start of our season we will get into the weight room. I can’t say getting up early to go run sprints is the highlight of my day, but going through it with your teammates makes it a lot easier and once we get on the ice it makes it all worthwhile.

I am so excited to get the season going this year. We had a bit of a rough season last year and a long summer to stew over it. I can’t wait to get on the ice with a fresh start to prove we are a better team than our record shows. We have already been working really hard at workouts and I feel like we are only going to work harder on the ice. I just have a good feeling about the team and the season.

I hope everyone else is getting pumped for the season to start!



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