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Every Minute, Every Shift …

The Gryphs went into the break riding on a high note.  We have won the past 6 league games and all players are stepping up their game to a new level.

Scoring has proved to be no issue for our team.  Offense is coming from both forwards and the defensive end.  This is something we want to utilize while entering the second half of the season.  We are not a team that likes to rely on certain individuals to generate scoring.  It is a role we look to be fulfilled by all players.

After about a two week break, Guelph was back on the ice for the Laurier Invitational Tournament.  Here we played McGill, Laurier and the Cambridge Junior team.

In both the McGill and Laurier games, Guelph dominated during the first forty minutes.  Unfortunately instead of continuing to pressure and out work our opponent in the third period, we fell into the trap of showing fatigue and a lack of energy which gave up our lead.  We are a team that will not accept losing to teams that seem to be more successful on paper.  This boils down to self-confidence and searching for the competitive edge we have within each of us.  We must believe we have the potential to beat the best teams in the country because those are the types of games we may see at Nationals.  

The final game of the tournament against Cambridge finally displayed a promising result for Guelph.  Cambridge gave us a very competitive game but eventually we reined victorious after going into a shoot out.

With the regular season beginning again this weekend, the Gryphs face 8 big games before going into playoffs.  Four of these games are against teams that fall in the top five of the OUA standings.  This will prepare us to play with the intensity and energy required to be successful in playoffs.

This weekend Guelph is host to Western and Windsor!

Bye for Now,

Katie Mora 


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