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Being back on Boston University’s campus really means one thing for the 25 members of the Boston University’s Women’s Ice hockey team – a new season is about to begin. Although we are now well into our season, having already played 4 NCAA games and 2 exhibition games, each year the first few months are filled with the excitement of discovering what our new team will look like. 

It is always an adventure getting to know the new freshman class or any transfers that come to BU, and this year is no different. We have a great group of girls that will call Boston home for the next 4 or 3 years respectively and the only disappointing part is not being able to spend more than 1 year with them! However, even with the newcomers being a major focus of how we will shape our team, the movement up the ranks for all previous team members is also a huge component of how we find our footing as a team. A lot of pressure always rests on the shoulders of the senior class members but I believe what makes a team successful, what makes BUWIH so successful, is the desire for our Juniors and our sophomores to be a strong supporting cast throughout the year. 

Although the word ‘success’ may have immediately brought to your mind the wins and losses column, I was referring to the ability to successfully come together as a team or not. This year my team has already done a variety of things together, not to mention spending 2 major road trips together, with another upon us this weekend to Maine, that has made us a unified team very quickly. 

One of my favorite things we have done is gone apple picking as a team, followed by a delicious team dinner at Dakota Woodworth’s house to finish off the day. It might not sound like the most exciting day, but it was actually a day filled with best friends and continuous laughter. Even after it was time to return to BU’s campus, the groans of my fellow teammates were heard saying, “I never want this day to end!” I think this is how a team can know if it was successful in establishing a positively intertwined team – the constant desire to be together even after spending a whole day with each other. 

As we head off to Maine this weekend I know we will be faced with a tough and determined opponent. Knowing that I have the support of my team no matter what comes at the final buzzer makes the weekend an exciting opportunity to be with my team and grow as a group. 

I promise next time I will write more about the on ice happenings of BUWIH, but for now, have a good weekend hockey fans and I hope all of your teams get to spend some quality time off the ice together. After all, having a solid team foundation is key to making a season as enjoyable as possible for all the members! 

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