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Enjoying What’s Left of Summer

This summer has absolutely flown by.  I literally feel like I was just unpacking from school last week. I am beyond excited to back up at Saint Mikes in less than two weeks. I cannot wait for the structure of workouts and classes and as much as I cringe saying it, I am excited for classes as well. But most of all, I am excited for another year of making memories during the best years of my life. 

This summer I have not only had the time of my life, but I have learned so much. Living alone takes a lot of responsibility and takes a lot of effort. The worst is waking up on a Monday morning trying to get myself together for the office and nannying after and finding out there is barely anything in the fridge to bring from lunch. Finding time to clean, do dishes, laundry, etc. only becomes more of a task that is easy to procrastinate. I definitely got lonely a lot but music definitely kept me in check all summer. 

My mom came out for a week and we went out to my favorite restaurant in town. It is an Italian restaurant called Il Capuccino Ristorante. They have the most amazing garlic knots topped with tons of fresh garlic and olive oil. Killer mussels and calamari alongside the best frutti de mare around. I ventured outside my box and tried the lobster raviolis that night, which turned out to be pretty good. The next weekend I had five of my friends come out for the weekend, and we went out to another restaurant in town, Madison and Maine. It was delicious. I had a 2 pound lobster which came with some homemade potato wedges and a side of veggies. After letting that meal settle in i had to have the girls experience the best ice cream around at Big Olaf’s. My favorite flavor this summer has been the peanut butter caramel cookie dough. Absolutely amazing. We took a walk down Main street and i showed them Billy Joel’s house, which is right on the corner in town. It is so cool out here to know that so many famous people are around and fit right with the locals. With the girls, we of course had to do a shopping trip, we headed up island to the outlets, and after we got back we went kayaking! I would have to say that this past month has been amazing and I am already getting excited about next summer begin back out here working again and hanging out with my grandparents. 

I move in on Saturday the 24th and classes start that Monday. My schedule is pretty sweet this semester, no early morning classes. I have three classes M/W/F and one class T/TH. I don’t think I have class before 930..which as an athlete makes the worlds difference. Gotta grind the next two weeks…gotta cut down my mile time and get myself mentally ready for pre season for hockey and lacrosse. I am hoping to run the Ellen’s Run in Southampton again this summer for the third year. I want to cut down my time from last year, came in 3rd place in my division. 

Hope you all have a good rest of the summer and a great start to your semesters! 


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