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Early Morning Workouts for the UNH Wildcats

I really love the way this years group is approaching everything from the classroom to the weight room to the ice. I’m impressed with our leadership.   

The veterans have made a point of extending themselves to the sizable and talented group of newcomers.  I’ve been around enough college teams to know the difference between “walking the talk” and giving lip service to something.  There is clearly a mutual respect developing amongst our athletes as they collectively and individually work their tails off getting ready for the season.

Friday morning we took the field with the sun literally peering out from behind the Whitt.  A cool fall morning quickly heated up as we jumped from warmup into station work. 

It didn’t take long for beads of sweat and grimaces to appear on every face. Core, abs, lower body, upper body and shuttle sprints consumed the next hour. 

With a number of players having 8 am classes we quickly brought the morning session to a close and sent them off to the showers.

Friday afternoon they’d be back on the ice with skating, skill and conditioning work.

Saturday morning the team returned for an early 7am morning skate before heading off to participate in the this years “Celebrate Pink” 5K run for breast cancer.  Not a shy group to be sure, the team stormed across the finish line arm in arm,  bringing smiles to participants and the greater Portsmouth community.  Nice job ladies!


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