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Dutchwomen Welcome Freshmen; Win First Game


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I apologize for the lack of updates, I slept through my alarm and turns out its already October! I’m really starting to believe that time really does fly when you’re having fun. The Dutchwomen have been busy busy busy this fall.  Earlier in the month of September we kicked off our pre-season with some super fun testing…when I say super fun I mean super hard. Chin-ups are not easy for big girls. Similar to spring testing, I am confidant to say as a team we spanked testing. 

Another super fun thing about pre-season…something that is actually fun is team bonding. We decided to have a team bon-fire…so…a “bond-fire” essentially. I am certainly not going to lie to you, there were s’mores involved but I cannot confirm the exact number in which I consumed. One of our lovely seniors, Mac “Baby Kitten” Purvis provided us with ‘get to know you’ games as well as some entertainment. 

What I have gathered so far about the new freshman is that they definitely have a lot of personality…and they’re pretty good at hockey too. Standing at a mighty height of 5’3” Emma “Pinky” Pincott is our newest goaltender coming all the way from beautiful Calgary, Alberta. She doesn’t talk often but when she does its very entertaining. Another Canadian Eastyn “Bauer” Yuen from Winnipeg, Manitoba stands at an intimidating 5’3”. Since being on campus I don’t think I’ve seen a time where Eastyn “Bauer” Yuen is not smiling.  Next is Emily “Emma-lee” Erickson who is not much taller, measures at 5’4” coming from my favorite state Minnesota. Emily “Emma-Lee” Erickson is not afraid to fight for the puck in the corners. Standing at 5’5” Alli “Gator” Devins comes from White River Junction, Vermont…I didn’t know people lived in Vermont (This comment is due to the fact that I am Canadian). She spends most of her time attempting to study economics and giggling in the library. Finally adding some height to our freshman class is KJ “Kathryn Davis” Davis from Milton, Massachusetts.  She has an incredibly hard slap shot that I will probably never block or screen for (sorry coach), she also likes to “dougie” in her free time.  I think its safe to say that our new Dutchwomen have adapted very well to Union Hockey. 

This past weekend we took our first road trip of the 2013/2014 to UConn. Not only did we have our first road game but our first MU of the season. For those that are not familiar with what a “MU” is … I will fill you in. MU stands for mobile upload. This has become a tradition for the Dutchwomen on road trips. We take a team picture wherever we are, Maine, Rhode Island, Minnesota etc. and we upload it…simple as that. This weekend we attempted a team pyramid. It didn’t work out quite the way we had hoped…personally I thought I should have been on top but turns out there’s a rule that big girls go on the bottom of the pyramid? 

Anyway…Saturday afternoon we faced off against the Huskies. The first period consisted of back and forth hockey between both teams but with give or take 10 seconds left Courtney “Tina” Turner took a winding shot and Kathryn “Contacts” Tomaselli found the juicy rebound and put it home, putting us up 1-0 at the end of the first period. Unfortunately UConn got on the scoreboard in the second period but thanks to Bryanne “Shawty” Panchuk as she kept us in the lead as she tucked away a sassy backhand.   Later in the second period Maddy “Boomer” Norton teed up a booming shot to put us up 3-1 and eventually becoming the game-winning goal as UConn snuck another goal in the third period.  It was a great first win for the Dutchwomen and hopefully many more to come. This weekend we go back to back against Providence. Until next time…

Take care, comb ya hair,


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