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Dutchwomen “Look Good, Feel Good, Play Well”


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Oh hey there! It’s me Jobin… and I’ve got some news. The Dutchwomen have been busy, busy, busy…just like I say every month but this time we’ve been busy with skills, practice, and battle royals…um…I mean games. 

Three weeks ago we met up with Northeastern and Boston University in our home barn. Unfortunately we came up short in both games but I can honestly say that it really was a battle royal as both opposing teams scrambled for game winning goals with seconds left. In the Northeastern game our lone goal was setup by Maddy ‘Don’t make me sing’ Norton when she fired the puck to the net creating a commotion in front and luckily Jess ‘The Climb’ Kaminsky tucked the biscuit away. The following night playing against Boston, Christine ‘Bugs’ Valente tied the game up for us by…literally doing it herself…I mean, end-to-end…shooting and getting her own rebound. Rebecca ‘Rocks’ Babiak on the other hand found a real cheeky rebound, shot by Jamie ‘Marbles’ Smith and took it to the hole giving us the lead in the third period. The end of the game definitely did not go as planned and I rather not talk about it. But what I do need to talk about is Shenae ‘Meow-Meow’ Lundberg who stood on her head and simultaneously turned into a wall…just like in Gretzky’s 3D hockey video game.

The next weekend we played back-to-back games against Providence. We didn’t sweep but didn’t get swept, so we split the weekend. This past weekend we made the journey to Penn State and their new castle of a rink…its kind of nice…but I’m over it. Friday night we grabbed the W, winning 2-1 but I can’t say the same for Saturday night. 

Recently the Dutchwomen received new practice jerseys. This may not seem very exciting to others but it got me thinking…dang…we look good. The new jerseys also got me thinking about a couple things that I remember from high school…aka my glory days, more specifically a something my high school hockey coach always said. I got the amazing opportunity to attend Trinity College School to play hockey for 4 years. During those years, I was coached by Rick Traugott, an amazing coach and friend. Coach Traugott was a big fan of the saying “Look good, feel good, play well.” I think this saying is very relevant to the Dutchwomen this season because…our new practice jerseys sure do look good and feel good…and we all know what comes next. 

This Saturday we face off against Syracuse. 

Catch ya on the flip side,


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