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Duncan Ends Overseas Career in England

I don’t know where to begin as there is so much to tell about the last two and a half months. I can’t believe it has come and gone so quickly. I do wish sometimes I had a rewind button so I could replay every moment but I guess I’ll have to relive it all over again through my blog. 

My friends and I went on our yearly snowboarding trip and this year we went out to Bansko, Bulgaria. It was an unbelievable experience. Not only was the weather amazing (except for one day when we were rained off the slopes) the food was too, as of course, was the beer. We planned to take more video of us snowboarding this year. My friend Bainton purchased a GoPro and lets just say we have plenty of footage that will be sent in to "You’ve Been Framed" which is the British version of "American’s Funniest Home Videos." 

Football season didn’t end on such a high however, even though we didn’t win many games I had a great time with these girls and feel so appreciative of how welcoming they were. I will be joining a summer league with a few of them so I can keep my football skills up. And wish a few of the girls moving on to other leagues the best of luck. 

Lastly for hockey, this season has been unbelievable and my experience with the Diamonds has been amazing, unfortunately it has come to an end. We did not finish with the league title like we wanted but, we did win the first ever Cup for the Women’s Premier League. We also beat Bracknell 3-2 in the national playoff finals, claiming, for the second time, the Championship Trophy. We can not complain winning 2 out of the 3 trophies!

Sadly to say after being here for almost two years now I will be saying goodbye. I have made so many amazing life long friends and experiences. I travelled all over, become a Gooner, got to play with one of my college teammates, won two Championships and won the first cup title. The list could go on. It’s hard to think that I won’t be around for next season or next year. I know the girls will take away all three titles next season and they better! 

My plans before I go will be 3 months of backpacking and traveling throughout Europe with my boyfriend. We will be starting off with a 10 day hike of the Tour du Mont Blanc and if we survive the 175 km, then we will be off visiting 12 cities throughout Europe. Some of the places I am most excited to see are Athens, Rome, Amsterdam and Istanbul also revisiting Paris and Barcelona. We will be finishing off our travels in Egypt where I will be visiting Luxor, Cairo and Jordan where we will visit the Lost City of Petra a place I have dreamed of visiting since I saw my first Indiana Jones film when I was a kid. I can not put into words how excited I am. 

Unfortunately this means goodbye but who knows for how long! I do want to thank everyone I have met and everyone who has been there with open arms from day one to make this the best experience I could ever ask for. 

Till next time, 

Cheers xx


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