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Duncan Attends Hull Fair in England; Team Looking Strong

Since my last post, the season has started up and the Diamonds are looking strong so far. Our first game was away against Solihull. We started out quite slow and a little rusty but fortunately we came out with a 3-0 victory. Our second game was against Sheffield who are currently in first place with 4 wins. It was a battle until the end and both goalies kept each team in the game, but Diamonds held it to a 1-0 victory with a goal in the second period.

This season is looking like it will be another close battle between the top 4 teams.  The teams to beat are Sheffield, Bracknell, Guilford and the Diamonds. Sheffield are in first place with 4-0-1, Bracknell in second place with 2-0-0, Diamonds are in third place with 2-0-0 and Guilford are in seventh place with 1-0-2. Guilford’s record doesn’t seem to reflect their strength this season as both loses were close battles against Sheffield and Bracknell. Diamonds next game will be against Bracknell. Last season we couldn’t seem to beat them with a 3-2 loss away and a 6-5 loss at home, so we’re looking for a bit of revenge! With a great start so far and the addition of a fellow friar Kate Smith I can’t wait to see how this year and season will unfold. 

Another positive, our game at Sheffield was actually the same day our teammates were back at Providence, suiting up for the Alumnae game. It was great to have a fellow Friar on the team so we could have our own little reunion here in the UK. Even better to come out with a win! 

Along with hockey I have officially joined a football team that plays every Sunday. The team has some unbelievable talent, but I am excited to say after 3 games I finally scored my first goal! I still continue to play Tuesday and Saturday football as well. 

Besides hockey and football this month I experienced a local attraction by attending Hull Fair. Hull Fair is the largest traveling fair in Europe with over 250 rides and stalls. It comes to Hull for the first week of October every year. I had never been to a proper fair before and it was awesome. I was amazed by all the lights and how loud the music was. The queues weren’t very long either, which was a bonus. I was most surprised by how big some of the rides were. When I imagine a fair I picture just the typical rides like the ferris wheel and merry go round. At Hull Fair, these are small features in comparison to a lot of the other rides. The experience is more like an amusement park crossed with a tacky nightclub! Definitely excited for them to return next year!  

I’m also very excited as I’ll be going on my cruise soon to visit Milan, Savona, Barcelona, Ibiza, Marseille!!!! I have mapped everyday out to a T! I will also be spending 3 days in London and of course being a Gooner I can’t be in London without seeing Arsenal vs Tottenham. It will be my fourth football match of the year! Plus Tottenham are huge rivals of Arsenal. Arsenal fans look forward to something called ‘St Totteringham’s Day’ each year. It is the day when they celebrate the fact that Tottenham can no longer catch them in the League. Very excited to celebrate it this season as a true Gooner! 

I also will be celebrating my second Bonfire Night, which will be making it a full year that I have been here in the UK! Scary to think I have been here for an entire year, but much more time to go and I can’t wait for November to come. An entire month filled with amazing adventures. Expect lots of pictures and great stories in my next post. 

Till next time,

Cheers XX


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