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Doing CWHL Goaltenders Justice


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Goaltenders performance is very difficult to gauge as it becomes very dependent on the team that plays in front of them. At Women’s Hockey Stats we have introduced a new stat that will combat these issues. 

It is adjusted save percentage, which we used quality of competition to adjust the amount of goals against. In this case quality of competition is a simple calculation of each team’s goals for to goals against differential. The theory being that a team of higher quality will generally outscore their opponents by a greater margin. 

When applied to the 2013-14 CWHL season thus far we can see a definite change in the rankings of the goaltenders. Without the adjustment for quality of competition the top three goaltenders are Kristina Kessler (0.936 SV%), Meghan Corley-Bryne (0.935 SV%) and Sami Jo Small (0.928 SV%). 

However once we adjust for quality of competition the top three goaltenders become Kathy Desjardins (0.929 ADJSV%), Christina Kessler (0.928 ADJSV%) and Sonja van der Bliek (0.912 ADJSV%). 

The change for Sami Jo Small and Meghan Corley Bryne is also considerable with Small at a 0.892 ADJSV% and Bryne at a 0.867 ADJSV%. 

The ADJSV% gives a true indication of what the goaltenders save percentage would be if quality of competition was the same for all goalies in the league. In the case of Desjardins and van der Bliek they both have unadjusted SV% of 0.890 which does not do their performance justice, however ADJSV% corrects this. 

You can take a closer look at this stat and many more at Women’s Hockey Stats 

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