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  2. DHC Langenthals Playoff Run Ends As Quickly As It Began

DHC Langenthals Playoff Run Ends As Quickly As It Began


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So, a lot has happened over here in Switzerland since the last time I blogged. We started playoffs and in the same breath, ended them. We ended 4th in regular season standings which meant we had to play the first place team, Zurich, in a best of 5 series. We haven’t beaten Zurich during regular season but have came close a few times. They are a very strong team with a lot of skilled players. A lot who play for the Swiss National team – very fun to compete against them. Before playoffs started, we played one game against Zurich. It was the final game for the Swiss Women’s Cup. We had won this title last year but, Zurich took the cake this season winning by only 1 goal. The Swiss Women’s Cup is a tournament that is played in fragments throughout the season. Wish we had of won!! Maybe DHC will get them next year 🙂

We played Zurich in the first 2 games of the playoff series then we had the following week/weekend off due to national team practices. During this time, my mother came to Switzerland for a visit! I picked her up on the 9th and we toured around Zurich. On the 10th we got up at 4:30am and drove to the Basel airport and jumped a plane to London.  We almost didn’t make it because of a long line up at the security check. Luckily the plane waited an extra few minutes….. very lucky actually! We arrived early in the morning and walked around London for easily 8 hours. Time just flies when you are exploring new things and seeing new places. We had this attitude of, when will we ever be in London again? Better make the best of it!!! Which we did! So we walked the “Queen’s Walk” along Thames River. This showed us the Tower bridge, not to be mistaken for the London Bridge haha, the London Bridge, Shakespeare Globe Theatre, Tate Modern Museum, and many other beautiful sites. We ended the day with some Fish and Chips and were in bed by 7:30pm.

The next day was another 8-9 hours of walking. We headed down to Westminster Abbey and checked out Big Ben, Parliament, and Buckingham Palace for Changing of the guards, Soho and Piccadilly Circus!! My favorite part of that day, other than being chased by birds, was looking for Abbey Road where the Beatles recorded records and have an album cover of them walking across the street.. We didn’t exactly know where it was but getting there was half the fun!

The next day we left for Paris! Soooo pretty there. Except there are a ton of dogs which means a ton of doggie do-do that isn’t always picked up! haha! Again, we had to make the best of the time we had and spent 8-9 hours a day walking the city. I don’t even know where to start … we saw so much! There are times where I would just stop and look around and think to myself, “I’m standing in Paris!” and kind of laugh.  I would then look up and not see my mother because while I was day dreaming, she keptwalking! For valentines day, yes my mother was my valentine, we went to the Catacombs of Paris. An under ground tunnel system that is walled by around 6 million skeleton remains. Sounds a bit creepy but such an amazing experience! Probably one of my favorite things we did! After that we went to the Eiffel Tower and there was a crazy amount of people. We also checked out The Louvre where we spent at least 3.5 hours and still had 2 floors to check out!!! It’s huge, but unreal!

I feel like I just wrote a short story but that was the trip summed up. We saw so many other great places and sites and my mother was the best travel buddy I could have asked for. She was a great Valentine too, I guess hahaha!

Back to hockey. Since we lost, we have to play 1 game against Rienach for third place. This will be played on March 6th. After that I think we’re finished. We still need to have a meeting with the team staff to see what will have to be done before we leave. Zurich will now play Lugano in another best of 5 series to determine the league winner!! Good Luck to both teams!!

Take Care Everybody!!!


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