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**This was written to Team USA from Michaela before they left for the Olympics in Sochi, Russia.


Dear Team USA,

I have been writing this note over and over in my head for weeks now, dreading the day I’d actually have to give this to you knowing, it means goodbye. Not goodbye in the sense of I am never going to see you all again but goodbye in the sense that I am sending you off with my love and support as you take this journey across the country to capture what you have been dreaming about since you were younger than me. Four years ago when I came to my 1st camp with my dad I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if anyone would notice me or even say hi to me but all I remember is saying at the end of the day was “boy was I wrong”. Since that day it has only got better and better. That cold December morning at 7am when groups of three and four people in at a time in strolled was the day I decided I wanted to try to play in the Olympics one day.

These past four years I have been lucky enough to come to terms with what “Team First” really means. It has taught me the meaning of being a good teammate and understanding your role among a team. Over the past four years I have become close with many of you but, this note applies to each and every one of you behind the bench and the players in the jerseys. At one point or another you have helped me whether you knew it our not. Either just the simple smile waking through the gym door or the advice when I needed it most. I am so lucky to say that when you put on that jersey in Russia and play for not just you but each other, that I got to watch that unfold.  Have an amazing time and embrace every second of the experience. Next time I see you all the United States flag better have been raised above all others and our national anthem played so loudly that it drowns our your “GREAT” singing. I’ll miss you all.  Good luck


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