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Dartmouth Green 5-1-1 Since Christmas Break

Our team has been doing really well lately and on a roll. We had a slight bump this past weekend, but other than that a lot of progress has been made and we are continuing to move forward. After Christmas break we have been 5-1-1 which we are quite happy about, but know there is still a lot to be done. We have a big weekend coming up against Clarkson and St. Lawrence that we are all really looking forward to. We have had the luxury of being in our home rink these last few weeks, spending time with our local fans but it will be nice to get back on the road playing against some great competition. 

We have all been back to school for two weeks now and routine is starting to set back in. Homework seems to be piling up again and midterms are just around the corner for some of us. Being a Canadian in America presented me with a nice surprise this weekend when I found out we get Monday off to celebrate Martin Luther King day. An extra day to sleep in, catch up on homework and not have to worry about class is definitely a bonus, but this long weekend still seems to be flying by! 

We have quite a busy and tough hockey schedule coming up but we are all looking forward for what is to come. We are starting to show our full potential and playing like the team we know we can be! It is an exciting time here at Dartmouth and is only going to get better. 


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