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  2. Dallas Stars Elite U16 Raise Awareness and Money for Breast Cancer

Dallas Stars Elite U16 Raise Awareness and Money for Breast Cancer


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I have always felt lucky to be involved in the sport of hockey. Lucky to have started hockey in the great state of Alaska, to have been selected to play at Quinnipiac University in college, and now, even luckier to coach hockey in Dallas, Texas, for the Dallas Stars Elite Hockey Club.

What makes me feel so lucky is definitely not the goals I scored, or winning games I was apart of, but the people who I have been blessed enough to share the time with.

This past week has been another example of just how lucky I am. Earlier in the week two of my players texted me in a group text message. The text simply said "Hey coach we have a question." Not knowing exactly where the conversation was about to go I responded, “Yes girls?” What came next absolutely shocked me. The girls wanted to know if we could do something as a team for breast cancer awareness month. Teenagers these days seem to be busier than ever with school, family, and extracurricular activities, it was moving to see that my girls had some thought far beyond themselves and wanted to show support for a larger cause. I often think that too many people just go through their lives not knowing the impact they are capable of having on other people. While coaching I try to be an example to my team of how to take care of yourself, do what you’re suppose to (on and off the ice) but also realize that you are apart of something much bigger than yourself and have the capabilities of helping others, even if it is in small ways.

The team decided to make and sell Paracord Key Chains that they call “Key Chains For A Cure,” and donate the money to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I went to the store to get the supplies they needed before we got on the airplane to head to Detroit this weekend for a tournament…and I’ve had to find a store in Detroit to go get more because they already went through the stock from Dallas. To see young girls thinking beyond themselves is truly inspirational. They’re all sporting pink bandanas and are proud of the work they are doing. For me, that’s an incredible step towards becoming a strong woman. Realizing the power and possibilities you have within yourself and using that power to inspire others. A good number of people tell me the girls are lucky to be learning from me, but I can just about guarantee that I am learning more from them.

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