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Crusaders Take In The Beanpot Tournament

Another month has come and gone since my last entry, which means plenty has been happening at Holy Cross.

Last entry, I mentioned we were heading up to Vermont to play a non-conference game against Middlebury.  Well that trip actually turned into quite an adventure.  Due to the crazy weather we’ve been having in New England, the forecast for the day said we were suppose to get snow, and lots of it.  My coach decided that we were going to go up the night before to beat the storm, so we ended up leaving Monday night for our Tuesday game.  To kill time on Tuesday we went for a team walk around the town, and just as the forecast predicted, it was snowing, hard.  While our team was on our walk, the bus driver decided to go find the rink, but on his way to the rink he ended up getting stuck in the snow drifts.  After hearing this, our coach made the decision to stay Tuesday night as well, just to be on the safe side.  Unfortunately our game ended in a loss to Middlebury, but it was awesome to spend that quality time with just our team.

Shortly after we made it back to Holy Cross from Middlebury, classes started.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, classes started very late this year, January 25.  For me, this semester will be an interesting one because I have to take five courses instead of the usual four.  Looking back, I probably should have taken a summer course so I wouldn’t have to take five classes spring semester of my senior year, but hindsight is always 20-20, and the last thing you want to do during the summer is school, at least that’s how I feel.  But so far it’s been manageable; however I haven’t been hit with the first wave of midterms.  In two weeks when my midterms start, I’m sure I won’t feel like it’s manageable.

On a brighter note, for the past two Monday nights, a few teammates and I have been going to into Boston to watch the annual Beanpot hockey tournament.  Since school has started and classes and workloads are starting to pick up, I was actually looking forward to taking a night off from school and go watch some hockey.  For those who don’t know, the Beanpot is an annual hockey tournament that takes place on the first two Mondays of February.  It includes both the guys and girls teams from Boston College, Boston University, Harvard and Northeasthern.  The guys play at the Garden (where the Bruins play) and the girls play at Harvard’s rink.  There is a trophy awarded to the winning team, but mostly it’s just bragging rights.  This year, seven of us got tickets, with the help of our assistant coach.  Unfortunately, a friend and I had class until 5 so we ended up missing the first game, for both weeks.  But we were able to catch the more exciting ones!  The first Monday BU played BC.  I wanted BU to win, but unfortunately they lost, 3-2 in overtime.  It was an awesome game and it was really cool to watch such good hockey.  Then the following Monday was the finals.  BU played Harvard in the consolation game, with Harvard winning 4-0.  In the final game, Northeastern played BC.  That was another awesome game; all the goals were back-and-forth.  BC ended up winning 7-6 in overtime, but it really could have gone either way.  Again, it was pretty awesome to watch hockey at that caliber.

As for hockey at Holy Cross, it is coming quickly to an end.  Our last month of games have been up and down.  We have been in a bit of slump for the last few games, but prior to that we were doing well.  In fact a few games ago, two school records were broken.  My fellow line mate broke the record for cumulative career goals, the record was 63.  And that very same goal that she scored I assisted it, which put me as the new record holder of cumulative career assists, which was previously at 66.
But like I said before, our season is coming quickly to an end; we only have three games left.  This Sunday is our senior game, where we honor our six seniors, me included.  The only way to describe it is bitter-sweet; I’m excited because my parents are making the trip out from Saskatchewan and are able to see me play in my HC uniform one last time, but this also means the end is near and my Holy Cross hockey career is almost over meaning no more practices, no more lifts, no more team bonding (which is what I’ll miss the most).  It is hard to believe because time flew by.  All I can do now is just enjoy these last two weeks of my college hockey career!

Hope everyone’s seasons are going well!



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