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Crossfit For The Hockey Player


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For those who may not know what crossfit is, it is a full body workout that combines elements of cardio, weight lifting, core work, and gymnastics. You will never have the same workout from day to day with one rest day.

Now that the hockey season is over, it is a time for us to relax but keep on focusing on the season ahead in the fall. Summer is the time of year when many hockey players become guilty in neglecting their dry land training and pay the price for it during pre-season training. Here’s my reasons why crossfit is an ideal dry land training for me.

The cardio for crossfit could be from traditional running drills, bike work, jump roping, and adding as many repetitions as possible to exercises. Cardio is essential because you need to have the endurance of a marathon runner on the ice. You need to have cardiovascular endurance as well as muscle endurance. If you want to take crossfit out of the gym, most of the non-machine exercises can be done at home.  There is more to cardio that does not involve bikes and can make dry land training more fun and not the typical stuff that your coaches love to dish out.

Weight lifting is an essential for all positions in hockey. You need the strength to get the power you need for skating and for shooting. Weight lifting also leads into muscle endurance with the extra repetitions that you add on. Let’s face it; you need more than a good set of lungs to keep your legs going for a full game.  Weight lifting can be done for free at home with basic pushups and even challenging yourself to do handstand pushups and so much more. 

Core work is more than just having strong abs. Core work includes exercises that target your abs, obliques, hips, back, and gluteal muscles. Your core is what will do the work for all of your upper and lower body aspects of the game. Keeping your core strong will also help cut down on upper and lower body injuries.  

Gymnastics is another aspect of crossfit that can benefit hockey players and goalies even more. Gymnastics exercises will push your strength but will make you to push your flexibility. Goalies need to have the best flexibility of all of their teammates because it is another tool to stop the puck.

Here’s an example of a crossfit workout that you will do in the gym and this is one of the more difficult ones that I have done all which you have to keep correct form and go at full speed.

  1. 50 kettle bell swings
  2. 50 walking lunges
  3. 50 hand stand pushups
  4. 50 box jumps using a 24 inch box
  5. 50 double unders
  6. 50 burpees
  7. 50 wallballs using a 20 pound ball

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