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Cougars End Season On A High Note

Hey everyone,

So I guess I am writing this latest entry at 4:02 AM Saskatchewan time. We are currently wrapping up our final roadie of the season, are in the middle of nowhere, 90% of the people on the bus are sleeping, I am still procrastinating studying for my midterms, the girl behind me is talking in her sleep, and I’m proud to say it was a success.

Since my last entry, we have definitely pulled up our socks. Following our weekend against the University of Saskatchewan, we had our bye weekend for the second semester. The next weekend, we played against the University of British Columbia. We played well all weekend, and came away with a win and a loss.

Following this weekend, we made the trek to Winnipeg for a couple games against the University of Manitoba. It was a looooong trip getting there because we ran into some brutal weather and the highway ended up being closed at one point. This lead to an impromptu stop in Portage la Prairie for the night, and an early morning the next day to make it to Winnipeg in time for our first game. Our team played very well, and we came out with a win! Unfortunately we lost the second game, but we were fairly pleased with the split against one of the top teams in Canada.

The next weekend brought our final home games of the season against the University of Alberta. These were rather emotional games as they were the final home games as a Cougar for our captain, Rae-Lynn Somogyi, and one of our assistant captains, Kelcie McCutcheon. We compiled a farewell video to watch before our final home game, and it was well enjoyed by everyone. We also had a quick farewell at the beginning of the game, where they were each presented with flowers, a photograph, and their game jerseys.

Thus leads to the final roadie of the season for the University of Regina Cougars. We seem to have a tradition of hitting bad roads on road trips, and this was no different, however delays were minimal and we made it safe and on time! This was a great weekend of hockey for our team, and we ended up sweeping the University of Lethbridge. Since Lethbridge is so close to where I am originally from, I had several friends, as well as my mom and step-dad on hand for our Friday game, and my dad, brother, and old coach were present for the Saturday game. It was great to see them and have the support from so many fantastic people. Once we got to the rink, it was discovered that we had forgot the balls usually used for games during our off ice warm-up in Regina, so a couple of resourceful teammates quickly made a ball of newspaper and shin pad tape, with an outer layer of stick tape for added grip. This lead to a couple extremely intense games of handball. This was later renamed “Screech Ball” by one of our coaches who was trying to read while listening to twenty girls shout and laugh at each other during this game.

Although everyone is super disappointed about missing the playoffs and being done with our season, it was a great note to finish on, and we are all looking forward to getting stronger in the off season and working towards a better finish next year. I am so proud of this group of girls, and I can’t wait until next season to start it all again!

Until next time,



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