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Confessions of a Hockey Daughter


My mom, Cherri Johns, wrote an article a while back about confessions of a hockey mom. I thought it was hilarious and, sometimes sadly, very true. Not everyone knows the weirdness and struggle that hockey girls face. So, without further delay, here’s my confessions of a hockey daughter!

Having pink equipment is not on top of our want list

  • What about blue or yellow? Seriously, what do hockey companies have against primary colours?

No matter how old you get, boys will always be awkward

  • They just don’t get the fact that girls can kick their butts—it hurts their egos

Girls looking good after practices is a mircale in itself

  • Practice involves pain, sweat, and tears. So if your sister comes home smelling like a dumpster fire, be grateful she doesn’t look like one, too

"Ice hockey, not field hockey" is said 50 times a day

  • No one ever talks about field hockey until you tell them you play hockey. Then, they jump around the idea of ice hockey like a frog over lily pads: "You play hockey?" "Yup!" "Field hockey?" "Nope." "Roller hockey?" "Nope." "Ball Hockey?" "Nope." "Shovel Hockey?" "No, that’s not even a thing."

Hanging out over the weekends is a myth

  • Saying, "Sorry, tournament this weekend" is almost automatic at this point

No one knows where the hair ties go

  • Seriously! We have iPhones and drones, but we still can’t figure out where hair ties go!

We don’t need bows and leotards to know that we are beautiful

  • All we need is a hockey stick and jersey to understand how fabulous we really are

Being underestimated is, sadly, a common thing

  • But, then again, that’s what makes winning so much better

– Emma Johns, age 13
Meijer AAA girls goalie


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