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Concordia Sits in 3rd in Conference with 3-5 Record

Hello hockey fans, 

Hope everyone is having a good November and for those who are students, not letting the stress of school get to them. The Stingers have been busy during this month, both on the ice and in the classroom, since we only have about 3 weeks left of class before finals begin. 

On a personal note, I am glad to report that I no longer where a splint on my thumb. While I still have to continue working with our therapists and doing my exercises, I consider myself healed since I can play normally (only a small piece of a tape around my joint) and that I have returned to normal everyday activities, with full use of my thumb. (Writing, using a fork and texting are crucial activities that were negatively impacted by the injury). 

While we currently stand in third place in the RSEQ conference with a 3-5 record, we have been battling hard in every game. Our league is so close that every game is a fierce competition, much like a playoff game. None of our games have been decided by more than two goals. Unfortunately we lost a few close games, but we know we can compete with any team in the league on any given night and as long as we keep working hard, we will be rewarded with success. 

In our game on October 28, I was finally able to get my first goal of the season. At this point, I was still heavily immobilized for my thumb so it felt really nice to score, especially off a breakaway coming out of the box. No comment on how I got in the box in the first place! Since we played Montreal again this weekend, we went over some game tape from that meeting and we reviewed my celly numerous times and I was the recipient of many chirps. Guess I’ll have to improve for the next one. 

We also took our team pictures and headshots this week. What was suppose to be a quick photo and a full practice turned into an hour long photo-shoot, with a very short, 3 drill, practice that ensued.  Although the pictures did come in handy for preparing our posters for this past weekend’s games. Normally, we draw names and decorate the arena with posters for each girl during our Theresa Humes Tournament, but this year the tournament took place during training camp, so we have been waiting for our first weekend with 2 homes games to make our posters. They were quite a success. 

Hard to imagine we have only 3 games left until we take our mid-season break. The Stingers won’t be sitting at home all Christmas vacation waiting to get back on the ice because we are scheduled to do a hockey tour of Japan during the Christmas break. But more on that trip in a later post.


Wishing everyone the best of luck in their games and in the classroom as we approach final exam season. 

With Stinger Pride, 



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