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Clarkson Falls to Quinnipiac; Look to Next Season

The end of the season is definitely not something that any team plans for or is prepared for. When our season ended in the first round of playoffs against Quinnipiac, it took a while for reality to set in. Before I knew it I was back at the rink preparing for next season with spring training. The end of the season brings about a lot of changes in everyday life and within the team. One thing that is difficult is figuring out what to do on Friday and Saturday without our typical game day routine. Another thing that I think is the worst part of it all and the biggest change is the graduating seniors no longer being a part of team meetings and spring training. After spending three years with them every day, it’s difficult not being at the rink with them and it’s a constant reminder that they won’t be with us next season. 

When the season ends there are two different directions my mind takes. First, reflecting on the season and all the ups and downs we went through that got us to where we are now. Second, looking ahead to next year and the things that are important moving forward. This past season was full of good times and successes for our team, and though it didn’t end the way any of us would have liked, I will always remember it in a positive way. I’ve never been a part of a team that was as close-knit, dedicated, and talented as the 21 players in the Green and Gold this season. We had difficult times during the year from tough workouts to overtime losses, but we always pulled through as a team and that to me is the definition of success- when you come out of something stronger than you were when you started. With that said, next year holds a lot of promise for our team. We are graduating 5 of the best leaders and hardest workers that I’ve ever played with, but in their time here they have left an imprint on the 16 of us remaining. With a talented group of freshmen coming in, we will have all the tools to be successful.

Something that will definitely be important to our success next season is the way we prepare now. Spring training is a huge part of that and we have been working hard with our strength coach to improve in every way possible. Whether it’s working to get faster, stronger, or better conditioned, we are there as a team pushing each other and having fun. There’s no doubt our hard work this spring will pay off when we hit the ice again in the fall. Every effort that we make as a team and individuals from here on out will help us to reach our ultimate goal for next season which, for us like every team, is to be playing in the Frozen Four championships this weekend. 


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