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  2. Clarkson Cup Champ Carolyne Prevost Earns First CrossFit Podium Finish

Clarkson Cup Champ Carolyne Prevost Earns First CrossFit Podium Finish


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One of the rising stars in women’s hockey, Carolyne Prevost has an athletic resume beyond compare. Possessing hockey skills that have translated into championships at the CWHL, NCAA and international levels, Prevost’s athletic versatility has also included success at the soccer level, complemented by a series of national championships in taekwondo. 

Her love of sport proves that there is no off-season. Most recently, that desire to compete was fulfilled through the introduction to CrossFit competitions. Of note, Prevost works with a coach, who determines her programming. In addition, workouts are not only recorded on paper (specific workouts and number of repetitions comprise the rationale) but she schedules her rest days, which are typically no more than four days in any given month. 

For many female athletes, CrossFit has emerged as one of several fitness regimes that looks to improve endurance and performance. In Western Canada, many female football players have engaged in Spartan Sprints and Mixed Martial Arts training. 

Of note, CrossFit has certainly seen an increase in participation among female hockey players. Hokey Langan, a former scoring sensation with the Ohio State Buckeyes has participated in many regional competitions in her native province of Ontario. Coincidentally, Langan and Prevost shared the same CrossFit trainer. Amber Bowman, another Ohio State alum and a world champion competitive fire fighter has also utilized CrossFit training to great success. 

CrossFit can be classified as a philosophy in exercise, incorporating a wide breadth of training methods. From calisthenics, gymnastics, interval training and weightlifting, participation rates in the last half-decade have grown exponentially.

Competing at the 2014 Eastern Canadian regionals (the top two competitors would earn spots in the CrossFit world championships), it signified Prevost’s one year anniversary engaging in the exercise regiment. Among the competitors present, Prevost ran into a very familiar face.

Emmanuelle Blais, one of Prevost’s teammates during her rookie campaign with the CWHL’s Montreal Stars in 2012-13, praises CrossFit for bringing improvement to her already impressive hockey game. Of note, Blais would manage a 17th place ranking at the Regionals. 

Prevost, who was participating in the biggest CrossFit event in her career so far, finished an admirable 22nd. Taking into account that competitors enter such events with no knowledge of what workouts shall comprise the days’ events, it taps into the mental toughness. As a side note, first place went to Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. Based out of Montreal (like Blais), she is an annual contender for the CrossFit world title. 

Having now laid roots in the Greater Toronto Area, Prevost is affiliated with the Colosseum Gym. Building on the momentum of cracking the Top 25 female CrossFit competitors in Eastern Canada, she brought her competitive fire to a regional event held in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Under the blistering sun, with onlookers literally within arm’s reach, Prevost displayed strong focus and concentration. Said onlookers were definitely in awe as the compact (Prevost measures in at 5’3) yet very powerful Prevost engaged in a remarkable display of deadlifts, making it look almost effortless. 

Tying for first place, a tie-breaker would provide Prevost with second place. The personal milestone of her first CrossFit podium finish would prove to be a remarkable boost to her confidence, building on the momentum of a 2014 Clarkson Cup championship, where she earned an assist on the Cup-clinching goal. Graceful yet powerful, captivating but strong, Prevost’s sojourn into CrossFit ensures that even better days are to come on and off the ice for the multi-sport star. 


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