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Christmas Spirit is High at Williams College!

Hey All!

It has been a great December but I am definitely excited for 2012 rather than apprehensive! I managed to make it through fall semester with almost all of my freshman in tact (one fell to the "Mono"ster but will be back at school by January) and my GPA as well (which might be my greatest success of the year).

Amidst all of the hectic holiday cheer I managed to get a decent (read: fantastic) picture of my freshman, my co, and I to accompany the holiday season. My vision was inspired by the Tommy Hilfiger Christmas Ads and I think we used our artistic license with style and grace. (Pictured is the Hilfiger Ad and also the product of the photoshoot of A2 that I organized.) We utilized wrapping paper to fill in for our lack of tree and matching outfits.

To keep the entry festive we put up some left over wrapping paper on the walls and more lights! Other than that it was finals time and there wasn’t much room for festive activities other than our photo. 

In the locker room there was an equal sense of rushed holidays. For whatever reason this year there was less time then ever to accomplish all the pages of reading and writing that went in to finals and we didn’t get a real chance to circulate any holiday cheer. Although we did manage to sing and dance to a fair amount of holiday music when we were all in the library together…namely Mariah Carey…you know which one I mean…

But overall we intend to change the lack of holiday spirit when we get back by spending New Years Eve together bowling after practice and watching the ball drop at our Captain’s apartment! We will then continue with a reverse Christmas (happens after New Years) at snacks the night before our game on the 4th at which we will do a Yankee swap!

My entry, also stifled by the lack of gift giving before the semester ended, is having a Secret Santa when we get back!

Meanwhile back at home I was inundated with Christmas decorations, preparation, and cookies. Christmas at my house is the biggest holiday of the year in which my entire family comes over and my mom spends everyday of December cleaning for them until they get here on Christmas. I vacuumed the same hallway three times…in one day (damn you, pine needles!). 

We also went into New York City to see Handel’s Messiah perform at Carnegie Hall, but not before seeing the tree in Rockefeller Center and the light show on the side of the Saks Fifth Avenue building.

Santa (and my family) was good to me so I can’t really complain about the cleaning but I still wish I had a little more time at home. Between shopping, Christmas, baking, returns, and workouts I have found it difficult to relax even after being home for nine days. I found my yoga practice to be the most relaxing time of my break. As it always does, it reminded me that I control how I perceive and how I act and that even in the rush of the holiday season I must learn to slow down and appreciate the events like skating on an outdoor rink at night with my sister, driving around listening to skrillex with my mom, and seeing my dad light up as he sings "Joy to the World" at the end of Christmas Mass. 

So, with the best intentions for the New Year, and appreciation and gratitude for all I have gained in the past, I will head back to school tomorrow for a seven o’clock practice and a hope that I will have maintained good enough fitness to dodge testing haha!

Here’s to hoping!

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year,



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