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Christmas Markets and

Hello again! 

It has been a while since my last blog so I have a few things to catch you all up on! 

We have now played every team in our league and finished the first half of the season in first place. There were some really close and competitive games, which was a lot of fun. We have been off for Christmas break for 3 weeks now so I am excited to get back on the ice again soon! 

In November, the Women’s 12 Nation’s tournament was held in Fussen, Germany. I was able to help out at the tournament doing some video and with the meals, which was a very cool experience. I was able to meet people from all different countries, watch national level teams, and I was also able to practice with the German National team. I really enjoyed doing that. It was a cool experience and the team was really nice, and helpful when I needed a translation for what their coach was saying! 

I have done a little bit more traveling since my last blog, but only within Germany so far. I went to Dachau concentration camp, which was a great experience. It was amazing to get a small glimpse of how people lived within those camps. To see the beds they slept in, the gas chambers, and the ovens, it almost leaves you speechless. I love World War Two history so it was amazing for me to see that in person. 

A big tradition within Germany during Christmas time is Christmas Markets. At these markets there are a bunch of booths set up with all kinds of traditional German music playing, food and drinks. There are also crafts, ornaments, and clothing that are sold. It is a very cool thing to see and experience. It definitely puts everyone in the Christmas spirit! I went to 3 of the Christmas Markets; Ulm, Nuremberg, and Munich. I was able to see a lot of different things, and got to eat way too much food! But I figure it is all part of the experience! 

Another tradition in Germany is a night where hundreds of "Bad Santa’s" wear bizarre outfits,  run around with sticks, and hit people with them. When I was told about this I did not believe it was real so I had to go experience it for myself. Well, it is very real and when they hit you it HURTS! I think I was almost in shock while I was there because it is so different then anything I am used to. What happened to getting coal from Santa if you are bad? I guess in Germany they take it to a different level. Maybe that is why their crime rates are low. No one wants to be beaten by a large creepy bull looking thing. I am glad I went and was able to get some pictures so I have proof that this is a real thing! And they can be nice since they let me take a picture with them. 

I am home, in Canada now, but I cannot wait to head back to Germany to start up the hockey season again and do more traveling! 

Bye for now!


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